Covid-19: Governor, Adamaoua Region Persuades All to Get Vaccinated

Governor, Adamaoua Region Recieves Covid19 Vaccine

Kildadi Taguieke Boukar, Governor of the Adamaoua region and his wife have called on people to get vaccinated, after they both recieved the first dose of the Covid19 Vaccine.

He has revealed to Press that he will receive the second dose three weeks after the first, and the couple has used the opportunity to remind the population of the Adamaoua region of the need to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“In the face of the virus, the vaccine is a safe and effective weapon. Coupled with respect for barrier gestures that we must continue to observe, it will allow us to return to normal life. I invite people to
take the Covid19 Vaccine”.

Launched by the governor of the Adamaoua region Kildadi Taguieke Boukar, the First Lady on her part, invited the populations to do so for “you and for your loved ones. It's free and it can save lives. "

Through these awareness messages, the number one couple in the region has taken the bold step in order to convince those who are still lagging behind in getting vaccinated in a context where several Cameroonians remain reluctant to the vaccine and doubt its quality and effectiveness.

Indeed, since the start of the vaccination campaign in the region, the vaccination figures are far from satisfactory. The government therefore remain far from its objectives.

By presenting the vaccination plan in the districts of the region, the Regional Delegate of Public Health for Adamaoua,
YAO ALHADJI ZAKARI said the authority goal is to vaccinate all those considered priority targets against Covid-19.

These include health personnel, defense and security forces, people with co-morbidities, workers in high-risk sectors including high school teachers, traders and journalists.

By Katakap.

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