NW MINCOM Boss Begins Acquaintance with Mass Media In Bamenda

NW Regional Delegate of Communication

Prior to some of the challenges faced by Media houses in the Northwest region, the Regional Delegate for Communication has given his word to be very supportive in assisting the Media, cautioning Journalists to Uphold the ethics of the profession.

Afrique Nouvelle

Radio Hotcoco

City FM

This was the assertion made after his contact tour made to different functional audiovisual outfits in Bamenda; Sky Sport Radio, CBC Radio, Afrique Nouvelle Radio, CBS Radio, Abakwa FM, Radio Evangelium, Radio Hot Cocoa, City FM and Dream FM.

Following his appointment on the 9th of March 2021, the new regional delegate of communication for the North West, Mr Njike Celestine Atadebe has gone through a 3-days familiarisation tour to Media organs in the region, as a way of acquainting himself with the Media landscape in the Northwest region.

These Media houses he visited, raised almost the same worries and common challenges face in the course of carrying out their daily duties as reporters or broadcasters. Some of which were;

- the difficulty in receiving subventions or media aid, as some hardly get selected given the current sociopolitical crisis hitting the region. If allowed to benefit from the media aid, proprietors will be able to keep their media outfits functional

- the issue of submitting their files which takes too long for them to get atleast a provisional authorization to function, with the financial constraints given the current sociopolitical crisis which is not also helping matters.

- constant power failure and low voltage was another worry raised by most media platforms, a huge challenge that prevents them from functioning effectively.

The Regional Delegate listened to these practitioners and Cautioned them to uphold professionalism, objectivity and balanced reporting in the discharge of their duties.

"Shun ugly practices like 'gombo' reporting, yellow (partisan) and sensational journalism, always verify cross check and re-verify your facts before publishing" Regional Delegate of Communication.

The Delegate will wrap up his tour on Friday April 23rd with the cable operators and parastatal organs under MINCOM respectively.

By Ndefru Mélanie

Photo Credit: Mnews237

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