Mile 90- Nsongwa: 5 persons Killed, Several Wounded at Popular Bar

Though the death toll may increase at the time of this report, many have been reported wounded and 5 dead from an incident which happened at a popular bar in Mile 90, Nsongwa.

Sources have reported that there was an exchange between armed groups few minutes after some military men had visited the said bar and left.

The victims were attending a birthday party on the night of April 18th 2021, partied late into the night and were left in the pool of their own blood after gunmen had visited the bar, injuring many.

"I woke up to learn of my neighbor's death, he was one of those drinking in that bar where people were killed. A woman too was involved, she use to sell fingui here in Mile 90. We have accompanied my neighbor's corps to the mortuary already"

"I heard the gunshots at night, later it sounded like an exchange but I couldn't tell who were those shooting. Another guy who was killed there was here with us yesterday in the quater, he came to play football. There was a birthday party in that bar, that snack is a new bar in the quater" A source has revealed.

In Mile 90- Nsongwa
(Photo Credit: Muma Jude)

People arround that neighborhood, where the incident occurred woke up on April 19th, shedding tears after loosing their love ones and friends in such a manner.

Drinking at night in some quaters in Bamenda can be a huge risk anyone will take, considering the security challenges faced. This is because some bars are designed in such a way that, once people are drinking in loud music, they might not be on alert incase of any danger.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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