Moslem Community at Old Town Recieve Gifts from Bamenda II Mayor

The last days of Fast for the Moslem faithfuls at Old town Bamenda has been graced with gifts: 20 bags of rice, 50 cartoons of Dates, 10 bags of salt and maggi offered by the Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter.

Accompanied by the D.O of Bamenda II Subdivision, deputies and Councilors, The Mayor was appreciated for his kind gesture, though he was also reminded to extend help to other communities within Bamenda II Council.

"We are grateful and we plead that the Mayor should continue to help quaters in Bamenda II, we are not the only quater in Bamenda II, for us the Moslems we appreciate his gesture towards us, because he has been doing it."

"When someone gives help, it does not mean the person is rich or that the person recieving is poor, this gesture is to show the significance of the brotherhood we have with Bamenda II" Alhaji Bali Tanko tells Press.

Chenwi Peter Mayor of Bamenda II Council says the Moslem Community has taken the stand of Peace and believes the gifts will strengthen them as the prepare to round up with their Fast, while praying for Peace to reign in the Northwest region, stroke by the armed conflict.

"We came to support the Imam with rice, sugar, salt, maggi, to tell them that we are a familly. They are Praying for Cameroon, so that Peace and Unity should reign, for this reason we have to stand to support, them" Mayor Chenwi Peter, Mayor Bamenda II Council.

By Bamenjo Petronilla


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