Sabga Moslem Community Strengthened During their Period of Fast

The Moslem Community in Sabga like other Faithfuls who worship at the mosque, III corners Bambui in Tubah sub division have recieved some basics from the MP of Bafut/Tubah Constituency, Hon. Agho Oliver to strengthen them during their fast before the feast of Ramadan.

Visiting the community in Sabga with his Alternate, Ngwen Helen and the representative of Tubah in the Regional Council, Awunti Gheunti, the turn out of the community and the position of Peace taken by the Moslems in the course of the ongoing crisis, earned for themselves his trust and commitment.

"We could not stay without coming, before the feast of Ramadan because we have a social contract with this Community. You stood by us so that we get to Parliament, you all are in my heart and I congratulate you for taking the stand of Peace in this country, so that there will be development in this place". MP for Bafut Tubah Constituency, Hon Agho Oliver.

The Moslem Community of Sabga benefited over 100bags of rice of 5kg each, 23 cartons of sugar- 25packets per cartoon, 50 buckets, 20 blankets and a
cash price of over 500,000 cfa from which the Children, Women and Men had a share.

Mamuda Sabga, the Lamido and the population are known to have fought hard to stop separatist fighters from burning down schools in the village and the Moslem leader appreciated the MP for visiting the Community for the 2nd time durng his second year mandate, which has helped the Muslim community.

"The Community of Sabga is happy to recieve the Member of Parliament, Agho Oliver who for his 2nd time is visiting the Moslem Community and for that I am very pleased. May he continue with his good works and remember us in the best ways he can" Lamido of Sabga.

Fasting for the muslim faithful usually involve the adults only, though they train the younger ones to have the conception of fasting. Children of about 9 years are not involved in the dating exercise, but for those above to a certain age who go for over 6 hours fasting.

The Moslem Faithfuls are observing the last days of their fast at the time of this report and while the prepare themselves for their feast, it's is expected of them to continue praying for peace to return in the conflict hit region, Northwest.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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