Bamenda City Council Recieves It's First Female Secetary General

New SG of B.C.C

Madame Suliy Nkwatila Annabela appointed by Presidential Degree on  April 9th 2021, to replace Mbah-Mbole Pius Tumboh, has been formally installed in office by the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

The New SG has served with the Ministry of Public Contracts and the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development. She is a holder of a degree in history and in Public Administration, which gained her admission into the National school of Administration and Magistracy.

Scenario at Installation of New SG

These structures are inline with the objectives of local councils and Regional development. Though Installed in times of the ongoing armed conflict, she is convinced that Team spirit will be her goal to meet us with the task demanded of her.

"I will work hard, though I will face challenges, I will do my best to step up development in the Northwest Region and most especially the Bamenda City Council in particular. 

New SG and husband

As the first ever Secetary General at the Bamenda City Council, she sets as objective to achieve the concept of decentralization in the midst of the crisis, she believes collective work will record a great success.

"Though we are facing a Security problem in the Northwest region, I still believe we are going to forge ahead and for us to succeed, we need team spirit, work collectively and avoid gossips, so that development will be the main objective and we strive on" New BCC SG, Madame Suliy Nkwatila Annabela .

Taking over from Mr Mbah-Mbole Puis Tumboh, called to be Northwest's Regional Delegate of MINDEVEL, will further promote local development in his new office. He leaves the Bamenda City Council, giving room for new female SG to enhance development from a new perspective.

The Mayor of Bamenda City Council, Achobong Tambeng Paul used the  opportunity to introduce new service cars acquired, to the Public, as a way to celebrate the staff honoured by their hard work.

By Bamenjo Petronilla

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