Constant Blackout In Bamenda Punctures Smooth Studies

If it's not a Transformer problem, one will hear stories of one or two electric poles fallen due to the bad weather and this constant power cuts has become "A Threat To Studies", explained a student.

Light failure, constant power cuts, low voltage has been a major concern for most inhabitants in Bamenda and across the Northwest region, most especially students schooling in Bamenda.

"I have to use my phone to study, because most of my notes are in my phone. With the online studies, I use my phone to access the platform, this device helps me to be updated about classes. When there is no electricity, I can't charge my phone when my battery runs down" UBa Student.

According to her using a touch or candle becomes boring and difficult, because most of her work or studies is done online.

"The issue of electricity needs to be solved; during the day, we barely have electricity. While waiting for it to be back by night, yet most times we go for days without electricity". She told Civiclens.

Denizens of Bambili told this reporter that the power cuts has a lot of impacts on education. Computer student go through the huge challenge of doing the task required of them.

"Some of us have to pay transport to go to town in search of places where there is electricity. This delays the submission of projects. It has increased expenditure like going to town and back. When there's no power, printing becomes very expensive and gradually my results is affected." Nde Paul, UBa student.

Talking to a parent who prefers anonymity, she says, " It is sad and embarrassing because you go to the market, spend money on foodstuff and at the end of the day you end up throwing everything as electricity keeps fluctuating".

"Another issue is with low voltage. The voltage makes it impossible for it to carry a fridge which causes all foodstuffs to get bad and when it is high, appliances too get bad." She added.

Even when there is a problem with cables in the quarters or an electric poles that is almost falling to the ground, it is usually not easy for agents concerned to come to the area and fix the problem, given the security context in the region.

Not everyone can afford a generator and many buisness men and women in the area who can't do without electricity are having a bad experience with the constant power cuts.

This is another quick call for competent authorities or stakeholders concerned to do what they can to ammeliorate the situation.

By Fozao Vaniela


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