In Meiganga: Rainy Season Takes Away Sleep from Several Households

Flooding returns in Meiganga, capital of the Adamawa region, this kind of situation is hardly recorded in Meiganga that some districts are flooded.

Pick axes, shovels, boots on the feet, this is what we see in the districts of the capital of the Mberé department after the rains on Friday.

Evacuating the rainwater occupying certain storefronts, has not been a very exercise for inhabitants of the area.

It is in the vicinity of the parish in the city center, that the channel for the evacuation of rainwater through the town hall should be built. 

Jacob, a resident of the same area, traces the history of rainwater activities. 
"Our situation in this district is the same every rainy season. It is an organizational problem that divides us."

"Sometimes, we do not count on the town hall to come to our aid, the real problem is that everyone refuses to allow the canal to pass in front of their home and this often causes disagreement between certain residents of the district. They demand that it be built with sustainable materials", explains Jacob.

According to him, what most often prevents the flow of water is the deposits of garbage in some gutters. 

Feasibility Studies has been done for the canal to be built last September by the town hall. A hole for the passage of water has been dug, but not built.
Each rainy season, a launch of 500 FCFA collection operation per concession is done in the area to encourage young people to evacuate the water.

The rainy season is an ordeal for the district of Meiganga and it does not date from today.

The rain season arrives and the inhabitants must be standing to watch the streets and the corners, in order to check if the garbage has not blocked the gutters.

Some families have had motor pumps to evacuate the water every time it rains. According to other witnesses in the area, It is courage and vigilance that counts during this time.

Although the town hall's option is to put slabs to definitively overcome this concern, Meiganga still experiences this every rainy season.

By Katakap Heritier

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