Ngaoundéré: Taxpayers Introduced to New Tax procedures

Caravan to raise awareness and implement remote stay tax procedures
in City of ngaoundéré, capital of the adamaoua region is now in course.

The Director of Recovery who oversees activated tools paid a courtesy visit to the Adamawa region, meeting with His Majesty Elhadj Kildadi Taguieké Boucar.

The team from Yaounde led by Dame Kassimo met with taxpayers and explained to them new payment methods.

The August Guest used key radio outlets like the Regional station, CRTV Adamawa and the Radio Sawtu Linjiila, to better disseminate information on tax procedures.

Working sessions held on file management, as presentations of the innovations of the finance law was done with focus on remote declaration and remote procedures.

By Katakap Heritier

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