NW Mayors Request Attention be Given to 2019/2020 Pending Projects

Mayors in the Northwest region sat in a joined meeting with their Council Development Officers (CDOs) to present mature projects for the year 2022, during which most of them requested powers that be to revisit files of 2019/2020 pending projects.

To them these projects that were haulted given the ongoing armed conflict in the region, are the choices of the common man, with their feasibility studies done and approved.

Some Mayors believed that the haulted projects are the exact aspirations of the people. Saying that if "the Pyramid of decetalrslization has been completed, then there is no need projects to still  be awarded from Yaounde".

Others recommended that more practical is required, given the situation in the Northwest region than theory, because according to them "alot is being documented yet no work is done".

All 7 Divisions and their subdivisions presented their mature projects and eyebrows were raised on the constant excuses labelled on insecurity and the fact that some contractors will take off at the sight of danger without completing the work they assigned to do.

Mezam Division with 8 councils; most of its subdivisional Mayors were not present to give updates on their mature projects but for the Bali Council which revealed it has over 32 projects for 2022 worth over 900 million Cfa Francs and Santa Council with over 26 projects worth over 1 billion Cfa Francs.

Information from the city Council revealed that feasubility studies for most of its projects is still ongoing, whereas all Councils in the Northwest region are expected to have compiled documents for mature projects before June 14th 2021.

Observations were made and it was decided that projects not funded, as elements to follow the process of maturization is considered costly, it was better that projects that had already been studied and budgeted for, be resent.

"People at the local levels should be part of projects awarded in Yaounde, every project that has to be implemented by the State, should have Mayors at the fore front" These are a few reccomendations from the Mayors in attendance.

The representative of Mezam SDO, Simon Emile Mooh chairing the meeting quoted examples of government's efforts in engaging in projects to satisfy the local population, "yet left to be engolfed in the bushes, structures now in the bushes and abandoned

"The Njikwa central market had been constructed, funded with millions by FEICOM, yet it was left to waste as it was gradually engolfed by grass". The SDO's representative reiterated.

He asked that Mayors, CDOs and Contractors should stop giving excuses and engage more in implementing projects, because according to him "the process of maturization for most of these abandoned projects was not considered, despite it's cost".

While Stakeholders brainstorm on how to push forth with projects for 2021 or 2022, the local man is yet to enjoy the profits of the much awaited reconstruction plan and the fruits  yielded from the "Special Status".

By Ndefru Melanie


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