No Economic Boom During Achidi Achu's Burial Despite Influx Of High Level Personalities

There would have been an economic boom, but for the lock down declared by seperatists fighters given the official Burial of the Right Honorable Simon Achidi Achu. For this reason business men put their safety over commerce.

"We have bought Irish potatoes in bags, Spices, tomatoes and many other goods to sell on this day Pa will be buried, but with the situation of ghost town, we are forced to stay at home and watch from our windows."

"What will I do with these potatoes I have bought in large quantity? I had programmed that my children and I will be smart enough to sell a good quantity before the strangers leave Santa, this was our only opportunity to make good money" A woman named Mangwi explained.

One would have expected that the watchwords of the Right Honorable Simon Achidi Achu of "Politics Na Njangi, Scratch my back, I scratch your", would have tied with preparations to his burial, to intend bring an economic boom in Santa Sub Division.

Though changes could be noticed in some areas, On the day of the official Burial of the Political Icon, the streets were dry, every provision store and snack was locked up, some mourners who successfully arrived the ceremonial ground said "by the looks of it, it is ghost town in Santa".

The death of Simon Achidi Achu, Prime Minister Emeritus, would have brought huge development to the people of Santa; buisness men and women would have sold their produce in large quantities to visitors who came to the region to lay the Icon to rest.

The official funeral ceremony was graced with the presence of Northwest elite from far and near, traditional authorities, action groups, Northwest adminstrative officials led by Governor Adolphe Lele Afrique.

Many State personalities including those who did not hail from the Northwest region, marked present at the funeral to compliment the fact that Achidi was truly a Statesman.

A Statesman known for different virtuous qualities, had mourners pay tributes, as he was a diehard of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement.

In the message from President Paul Biya to the Familly, Simon Achidi Achu was described as level-headed and an astute politician. The 87-year-old Right Honorable would be remembered for his devotedness in service.

Senator Regina Mundi, Poli Bureau member of the CPDM said the deceased was known for tolerance.

"He was a very reconciliatory person, always striving to have Peace, getting anyone against him, by him. He was a man who wanted Peace, reconciliation, he never showed any revenge. He always insisted that we do politics with a democratic principle, tolerate those who oppose you, and that has been his principle till the end."

Mayor of Santa Council, HRH Samki Elvis Gahyam II told the press that Pa Simon Achidi Achu preserved a better future for the children in his community by building schools.

"Pa Achidi Achu was a great man who was always looking out for the interest of his people. He did everything to promote education in Santa Sub Division, by putting up secondary schools to preserve a bright future for every child within this Community"

Proof of his meekness was seen as he was decorated by the Prime Minister Head of Government, Dion Ngute, raised to the rank of Dignity of Grand cordon of the Cameroon order merit.

 By Ndefru Melanie


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