Special Status: Public Independent Concilliator, To Ease Talks Between Warring Parties

Conciliation involves an independent conciliator who facilitates communication between two parties having a dispute, with the aim of achieving a settlement or resolution. The coming of Tamfu Simon to the Northwest is expected to see the armed conflict to it's near end.

According to further research, the conciliation process is entirely voluntary; a successful outcome will depend on a mutual agreement and either party is free to walk away at any stage.

The Northwest Public Independent Concilliator is expected to facilitate communication between conflicting parties. He tells Press that he takes advice and solving problems in the Northwest region is a prime objective.

Tamfu Simon

"I will do my job independently, I have no instructions to take from anybody, i don't give instructions to people and I don't take from them,"

Public Independent Concilliator takes Oath

"I take advice, I listen and we can solve these problems amicably because the court systems are very expensive and our people are very poor, so we want to solve our problems amicably." Tamfu Simon, Public Indepy Concilliator, Northwest Region.

His job could be made easy if the parties in dispute agree to the conciliation process, to discuss issues and reach an agreement. The task ahead of the NW Public Independent Concilliator seem broad and Tamfu Simon seem to be aware of how the days ahead will look like, as he takes office.

-Examining and amicably settling disputes between users, regional and council administration
– Defending, protecting rights and freedoms in the relationship between citizens and the region or the councils of the region
– Designing, implementing measures to prevent and combat any direct or indirect discrimination against regional or council services
– Ensuring that persons serving in the Regional Council or Council Administration, fulfil their ethical obligations.

Justice Ngalle Sokem

His Lordship, Justice Sokem Ngalle mentioned that peers of the Northwest Independent Concilliator have doubted his competence of being "a go-between" admist the crisis.

Partial View of Court session

"Many are wondering if you will be able to tackle the challenge of solving the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region. At the same time, one doesn't need to go take any courses to be a Peacemaker." Justice Sokem Ngalle.

"A Peacemaker in this Context will need a technique of persuasion. Eventhough described as an independent Concilliator, you have to be impartial in the discharge of your functions". He adviced.

Independent Concilliator and Wife

Tamfu Simon Fai was appointed by Presidential decree on Thursday, June 10, 2021 for a Six-year mandate, and has on June 8th 2021 in Bamenda taken an oath before the territorially competent Court of Appeal before assuming office.

Born on October 11th 1955, the 66 year old native of Nkambe in the Donga-Mantung Division of the North West region, worked at Cameroon's Oil and Gas Company, National Hydrocarbons Society SNH as Director of Exploration before he took his retirement in 2017. Upon retirement, he founded an oil and gas consultancy firm called STEP.

He went through his primary education in Ndu, Secondary Education in CCast Bambili, Furthered Studies in Nigeria, Started his professional career as a Journalist in 1981 and occupied several positions at the time, One Cameroon.

He has so far ventured into public administration, politics and development. He holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering, a staunch militant of the ruling CPDM and has been resource person of the party to Donga Mantung for many years.

President, House of Chiefs
Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih

The President of the Northwest House of Chiefs says all what they expect from him is Peace.

"What we expect from him is Peace, that's all we want. He is a Peace Broker and a Peacemaker. Anything that comes up between local, Regional authorities and the population, he should be to broker Peace".

Mayor of Ndu Council

Mayor Abdou Kanfon Borno, Mayor of Ndu Council says the coming of Public Independent describes a completion of the special Status

"The Coming of the Independent Concilliator is part of the Special status, it marks the completion of the Special Status in the Decentralization process."

"We have been waiting for this and we will work together with him because he is just a referee that is there to ensure that the Regional Council functions well and respects the law enforced" Mayor of Ndu.

The position of Public Independent Conciliator was created to spice the "Special Status" accorded the North West and South West Regions after the holding of The Major National Dialogue.

Tamfu Simon's Wife welcomed by Grassroot Men and Women

Married, a father of 4, prior to his appointment as Public Independent Conciliator of the North West Region, he was Founding Chief Executive Officer of STEP consultancy and part time lecturer of petroleum geoscience at the University of Yaounde 1.

By Ndefru Melanie


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