Health Awareness: Youth to Youth Advocate For An Abortion Free Cameroon

A one day workshop held to help youths avoid infections and unwanted pregnancies through Society Of Gynaecologist and obstetricians of Cameroon (SOGOC) by raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health.

They advocate for comprehensive abortion care and teenage pregnancy in Cameroon by training 100 youth champions from all neighbourhoods in Bamenda.

Some information has proven that more girls are not well educated on sexual and reproductive health and do not know the various birth control methods which tend to increase the rate of abortion.

Dr Ngong Justin program manager for youth to Youth says "the organization focuses on youth and adulescents. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise and because they are not prepared, they get to devise means which in turn leads to abortion."

Dr Gweanyama Noela, Medical doctor at regional hospital Bamenda enlightens youths on gender based violence and measures to prevent oneself from the act. Advocacy for a society free of rape is the key.

"If we want to combat clandestain abortion, it begins with birth control methods. Get information and medical advice. Knowledge remains power."

By Fozao Vaniela

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