PENASED Staff, Strengthened to Serve Humanity

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The Staff strength at the Pentecostal Advocates for Socio Economic Development, PENASED, has increased as volunteers recently made the choice to train with the said organization.

PENASED works towards the improvement of humanity and proof of that is shown during their recruitment exercise, months after a call for application had been put online.

Wato Joseph, Executive Director

The Executive Director, Wato Joseph gives reasons for the new recruit; "every organisation works based on results, a case with PENASED. We recruited a number of persons based on competence and as such, it was important for us to restructure the organisation".

Programs Assistant

An organigram was put in place after recruitment was done: Programs Assistant; Kegoum Ketchstang Paul revealed that choosing PENASED will make him to be more solution oriented.

"I chose PENASED in order to bring solutions to problems face my people in a multicultural country like ours, Cameroon. I am motivated to work for social justice, a good social health, education and human rights. At PENASED, the four pilars are concerned with that".

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant, Anwi Denise is interested in sharpening her Entrepreneurial skills with social inclusion.

"I have followed PENASED since 2019 and watched them change lives of young cameroonians who are underprivileged. I was motivated by their four pillars, maternal/child wellbeing, career orientation, entrepreneurship and social Inclusion, which guides them in serving humanity".

Finance Officer

Much is expected from the new volunteers. Account and finance officer, Nda Marius said he is ready to serve humanity through PENASED.

"Humanity is considering others as yourself. Working with PENASED enables me to put my own contribution to help others. I might not have the chance to hold somebody's hand and show love to him/her, but my knowledge and experience at PENASED permits me to help someone in ineed".

PENASED plunges into the second phase of the year to proceed with their activities to serve humanity, as the Executive Director described.

"PENASED works mostly with the underprivileged and vulnerable population. We have trained over 100 underprivileged children from 5 regions of the country in photography. We plan to go back on the field to train more".

"This time we plan to work with eight regions, targeting pigmies, mbororos, albinos amongst other minorities/underprivileged children. 20 children will be selected and trained, with activities geared towards health organized."

"Involving malaria and HIV/AIDS amongst others in order improvement of humanity".

With the new team in office, the organisation hopes that more lives will be touched through their humanitarian activities.

By Ndefru Melanie

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