In METTA-land: Tayong Fah Elvis Conferred Title of Fon's Mouthpiece in Guneku Village

Fah Elvis Given Tittle as Fon's Mouthpiece

In a move to encourage Guneku Sons and Daughters and to recognize hardworking elites, Fah Elvis Tayong a Journalist and Political Analyst based in Douala and the Marketing Director of Dream Print was officially conferred the Traditional Title as "Ngam Fon" meaning the Voice of the Fon or Mouth Piece of the Fon with a traditional Cap and three cowries on it, given to him as a symbol of the said title.

"Ngam Fon", Mouthpiece of the Fon

"I feel honoured being conferred the Title "Ngam Fon" meaning The Voice of the Fon or The Mouth Piece of the Fon, I wish to thank our Royal Highness Dr.Fomuki Walters, the entire village for giving me and recognizing my little efforts geared towards the Development of Guneku Village while calling on all Guneku Sons and Daughters to each contribute their own quota towards the Development of the village".

"As the Mouth Piece of the Fon, I intend to unite Sons and Daughters of Guneku ever than before while ensuring that our cultural values are protected and handed over to other generations accordingly" Fah Elvis, Elite and Mouth Piece of the Fon.

Dance groups

The Traditional event was greased with the presence of thousands who came from far and near to witness the event. The arena was characterised by Traditional Dance groups, with so much display, notably from the Guneku kwem Dance Group.

Elite in Meta, Mbengwi Sub-Division

Indegenes converged at the Guneku Fons Palace to witness these historic and traditional event, under the instruction of the Fon of Guneku Village HRH.Dr.Fomuki Walters.

Taking place on July 30th 2021, started with the donations of Cash amounting to 200.000frs and a Granding mill to Hope Foundation Orphanage in Ngyen-Mbo, Mbengwi by the Fon, HRH. Dr. Fomuki Walters and Silver Jubilee batch of Sacred Heart Ex-Student Association SHESA (1986-86), as a move to assist the underprivileged Children.

At the Guneku Fons Palace,the traditional ceremony was characterised by the official presentation and installation of Quarter Councils,Zonal And Village Council Executives who were charged by the Fon to ensure that the aspirations of the villagers from the Quarter levels right up to the Village Central Administration be taken into consideration for the smooth Administration and development of the village.

In other to facilitate the smooth functioning of Guneku Village Council, two brand new Android phones were offered to the Village Council officials to facilitate their Communication.

Donation of portable Echography machine

8 Blood Pressure Test Machines

Symbolic hand over of Blood Pressure Test Machines

Blood Pressure machines donated by Guneku Development and Cultural Association (GUDECA-USA) were handed over to the different Health Units in the village, including the donation of a portable Echography machine to the Open Door Hospital in Njinebai, Guneku all to improve upon the health facilities in the village.

Scholarship Beneficiaries

Besides it should be noted that an elite of the village residing in USA Prof. Fobang Roland also offered Scholarships worth 380.000frs to both Pupils and Teachers of the Presbyterian Primary School Guneku following their outstanding performance of a hundred percentage in the last Common Entrance and First School Leaving Certificate Entrance Examination.

The Fon Dr.Fomuki Walters urged his Subjects to be fully involved in the development of the village so as to improve upon the well being of all back home.

By Ndefru Melanie


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