World Echoes Awards: Efforts of Persons with Disability Recognized

Persons Living with Disabilities in Bamenda have been selected amongst their peers to recieve awards of excellence from World Echoes Media Group and Kiki News Forum and Disability.

Known for their different talents in different fields, were rated best and recognized through prize awards by the Publisher of World Echoes Media Group, Tamukong Roland, who placed as priority, advocating for the interest not persons living with Disability.

"We celebrate persons with disability that have differentiated themselves amongst equals through out the year and the lifes of nation builders. An enabling environment can only be created when we started appreciating talents and the esteemed things of God in the physically challenged, together with their contributions to nation building cannot be undermined". Publisher World Echoes Newspaper, Tamukong Roland.

PLWDs Recieve World Echoes Awards 

Through this awards, the exercise comes as a wake up call to the media, to take upon herself to champion a crusade for more inclusive society for fall. According to Organizer of the awards, who worked in close collaboration with the promoter of Kiki News and Disability Forum, Jeff Ngawe, the event Was an opportunity to extend a hand of fellowship to these persons and show love for one another. 

CEO of Kiki News and Disability Forum

Publisher of World Echoes Newspaper

"It is more in collaboration with associations dealing with persons living with Disability, the mission and the vision has to do with oriented people centre action, as a media man I see it as a brand responsibility or a duty to call all on board, so that we can crusade for the right and advocate for the interest of persons living with Disability". Tamukong Roland, Publisher World Echoes Newspaper.

Apart from these recipients, promoters of persons living with disability, were awarded for the sacrifices they make frequently to see that these persons don't feel inferior or abandoned.

Though represented at the award ceremony, Minister Mbayu Felix, Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth, was recognized for his humanitarian works, seen as one who is the membrane behind activities concerning Persons with Disability.

Mayor of Bamenda I Council Recieves Award

Mbigha Felix, Mayor of the Bamenda I Council, was recognized for being one of the few Mayors, who through the council, reaches out to persons living with disability.

Being the host for the Award ceremony for persons with disability, the Mayor promised to open his door and extend help to these persons, whenever need be.

Persons living with Disability have become more vulnerable in the course of the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region, coupled with the health crisis Covid-19, with most of them unarmed with anti-Covid kits to protect themselves from the deadly pandemic.

Yet despite these, most of them continue to strive and excel better in their talents, with more than 50 of them being recipients of the World Echoes Awards; Fon Dieudoné, recognized as the best footballer in the Amputee football club, a visually impaired guy recognized as the best trainer in ICT, another recieving awards for being best in ICT usage despite being visual impaired and Edwin recieving an award for being best Journalist with visual impairment, just to name a few.

The publisher of World Echoes Newspaper, Tamukong Roland used the Award ceremony to remind people in Bamenda, that promoting and encouraging these  persons with disability, should be a collective and social responsibility, giving voice to persons who can't speak for themselves and portraying these people especially when they feel relegated to the background.

By Ndefru Melanie

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