BIR Campaign: Helping those in distress, fight against cataract

Their slogan, "elite force at the service of the population for peace and development", was seen in Garoua-Boulaï. They distinguished themselves in modesty and desire to serve, bringing free help to those who were in distress. 

It is through a health campaign that these elements of the BIR fought against cataracts. Barely two days of registration and already 774 people received support as part of the "BIR againts blindness" operation in Garoua-Boulaï. 

These statistics speak volumes, at the end of the second day of the cataract care and surgical management campaign, 30 patients have regained their sight.

On the second day, 30 other patients benefited from this boost of heart in order to recover their perfect health. The campaign in question, which is taking place at the Protestant hospital in the above-mentioned locality, will span for over 7 days (from July 19 to 25), led by Colonel Doctor Alain Mvogo, coordinator in charge of health at the BIR. 

Their action which integrates the army-nation logic for the maintenance of the civil-military principle, comes with great satisfaction as patients after care, regain their sight. 

Impossible to hide the smiles and the joy on their faces, Colonel Aboubakar, a surgeon, testified to his experience during the campaign. "...They are dedicated men, ready to serve the nation in the most extreme conditions, the heroes of history".

Among these, Colonel Alain Mvogo, senior officer was described as a rigorous man who knows so well how to combine passion and medicine. It serves as a guide and motivation for the senior technician nurses in ophthalmology deployed for this purpose.

Colonel Aboubakar Hassan, ophthalmic surgeon, the man behind the BIR operations against cataracts in hospitals. Demonstrated efficiency in the operating theater of the BIR medical center in Limbé. His proactivity in action earned him A name with direct superiors for his involvement in the project.

Dr Doka Titus, ophthalmic surgeon and Director of health works at the EELC is the binomial of Colonel Hassan. A civilian by profession, he has always been present as part of the “BIR againts blindness” program. In essence, he was at the very beginning of the program at Waza.

Colonel François Pelene, general coordinator of the BIR, took the opportunity to express his gratitude to him.

Battalion Commander Nhog Elvis Ngoh, commanding 2nd BIR. 

"There is no need to recall the numerous attempts to incursion into Cameroonian territory by armed gangs from the sister Republic of the Central African Republic. Military at heart and discreet. He was also at the maneuver in the mobilization of a hundred security elements, the organization of the site and the substantial means for the transport of the patients to the site of the operation. Always attentive to his hierarchy, his loyalty is unfailing".

Lieutenant Adamou Djoda, senior technician in ophthalmology. Polyglot, is the man in the field who offered to guide a patient who lost his sight for more than 10 years, translated the message for patients, some of whom were over 70 years old. 

Willing to assist, console and  attend to those in need it, and returned to Ngaoundéré where he is in service with Colonel Francis Jérôme.

Pictures: Ibrahim
By Ibrahim Katakap in Garoua- Boulai


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