Northwest Regional Assembly: President proposes Local solutions to attain Sustainable Peace, Development

President of Northwest Regional Assembly, Speaking at opening session

At the Northwest Regional Assembly's 7th session, one of the key announcements made by the president of the house, Professor Fru Angwafo III is to have youths in the region take central stage and be at the epicentre of activities that will register sustainable peace and development in the region.

Holding under the theme; Conciliation, Conflict resolution, mediation, Peace Building and Development, the president believes that the reset of mindsets can be done through moral rearmament.

By meeting the social needs of diverse population, using community theatre as a tool to capture the burdening youth population.

"Listening to these groups and enrolling them in elaborating budgets and program, will build bridges, grow self esteem and self confidence as social pillars for our human development", Professor Fru Angwafo III.

"There should be an operational collaboration framework in the community in respect of cultural pillars; tradition, religion. Doing things for sustainable peace and development; working out a trauma healing project for psycho social support to bereaved persons", this he said at the session's opening on July 26th 2022 in Bamenda.

The President of the NWRA also appreciated efforts from NGOs both at the local and national levels who according to him, work ceaselessly to foster social cohesion, reconciliation and reconstruction.

Priority in line with sustainable development, takes bottom-top approach with "human intensity manual labour activities, identified by the community will consume the greater part of the 2022 budget as well as rehabilitation and renovation works"

"We promote local content, using improved local materials, as this scheme will not only occupy the unemployed burdening youth but contribute in strengthening local economy".

Room was however provided for exchanges on best practices, that will answer present challenging calls for innovation, than being importers of values on science and technology from the west.

Northwest governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique during the mid term evaluation, believed that benefits of the special status in the region will be enormous if it upholds peace building principles for meaningful development.

"You are the ones to change the narrative of the Northwest region. Where are we today in our efforts to restore peace and normalcy in the Northwest region, how do we evaluate efforts of the different stakeholders, what has been the contribution of the administrative authority, traditional rulers, councilors, mayors in the pacification of the Northwest region".

"Which tools do we need to mobilize and apply in the process of overhauling our attitude towards the pacification of the Northwest region", these were the series of questions put forth by NW governor, to act as a wakeup call for all stakeholders in the quest for peace in the Northwest region.

One will not overemphasize that the Anglophone crisis that has lasted for 5 years has in one way or the other haulted development activities in every community. The armed conflict has resulted to several damages and lost of lives, yet the Northwest Regional Assembly is not giving up, but making efforts to liase with local methods and make amends.

The house enlisted experts that provided attainable and workable solution tools, as a step towards Peace.

Picture: Bassang Victory

By Ndefru Melanie

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