Three-Year Special Youth Plan: MINJEC inspects Project Implementation in Adamawa

Youth affairs minister, Mounouna Foutsou visits Malang, a locality in the Adamawa region and registers  success stories of youths carrying out activities in some facilities of the area.

Thanks to funding from the Three-Year Special Youth Plan, several beneficiaries in the Adamawa region are already supplying the surrounding markets with their agricultural and livestock products such as corn, peanuts, pork, chicken and eggs from their farms.

The Three-Year Special Youth Plan (PTS-Jeunes) is effective among young people in the Adamawa region, precisely in the locality of Malang, in Ngaoundéré.

The Minister of Youth affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, went to the field to see for himself the realities on the ground, on Wednesday, July 27 2022.

The farm run by a beneficiary by name, Ndongong, was the first stop of the minister. The youth plants corn, peanuts, potatoes, lemongrass and even okra. While practicing the breeding of pigs, chickens and ducks.

Animal excrement is being used as fertilizer for plants, hence the practice of totally organic agriculture.

The Minister and his entourages were recieved at Clean Entreprise; a structure which offers services in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, hygiene, sanitation and health. They also visited the prefabrication workshop and followed up on a practical case of decorative pole manufacturing. 

The enterprise whose CEO by name Konmone Lamou also has a health center, providing training for young people in several areas. 

MINJEC appreciated the efforts of Clean Enterprise and encouraged its leaders to continue providing opportunities for young people, that will inturn stir support from his ministerial department.

The delegation was later directed to a chicken egg production farm run by the young beneficiary Toumpiguim Souaibou, who has over 3,000 chicken that produces more than 3,000 eggs per day.

Having received funding of 3 million in 2015, the young people of this farm have been able to modernize their operation to the point of selling their products to neighboring towns. The farm also trains veterinary students and future farmers. 

The minister ends his visit to the success stories facilities in Malang with a table wine production plant. The host of the place offered a bottle stamped with his image and welcoming him. The plant's production capacity is estimated at 200 liters per month.

At the end of this visit to the facilities of the beneficiaries of the Three year special youth plan, the Minister was delighted with the quality of products he saw.

"The objective is to develop second-generation pioneer villages and clusters that truly promote made in Cameroon products and therefore participate in the import-substitution policy", Youth affairs Minister.

He called other young people to believe in these opportunities offered to them by the Head of State through The Three year special youth plan which creates national champions of MINJEC and our second generation agriculture.

"The visits to the field in recent years are intended to show us that the effectiveness of the implementation of the three-year special plan for young people, to say what is the impact of this plan already on the young people themselves, the environment and above all promote success stories".

The Minister's stay in the Adamawa region, from July 27 to 29, 2022, will also be marked by the launch of the activities of the Youth Connekt Cameroon bootcamp; the inauguration of the Multifunctional Youth Promotion Center (CMPJ) in Wack, still in Ngaoundere.

Pictures:Communications Unit, MINJEC

By Ndefru Melanie

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