Northwest Regional Assembly: Politicians challenged to fufil promises made to the people

"Peace can also be achieved through development in the Northwest region", Dr. Bamnjo Herman explains while doing his presentations at the Northwest Regional Assembly's 7th session.

"Most people in the Northwest region have lost hope in all politicians because of the failure to represent these people through the concept of the promises made not being kept. When we go down to the field, the promise we make we must keep it...Politicians should change their mindsets towards their environment, ensure quality work should be done to gain loss trust from the people", Dr. Bamjo Herman.

Dr. Bamnjo Herman is a lecturer on conflict resolutions in the University of Bamenda and specialist in communication, a trainer in Peace building, conflict resolutions for the national presbyterian peace project .

He futher reiterated that achieving peace cannot be possible without the various efforts from different representatives, who must represent the people not their individual interest.

"Peace is a social structural process, it is a bottom top approach. The promotion of peace must not only be undertaken at the international or national level but also at the local level; in famillies, tribes and communities. Whatever escalates in the Society begins with a family, a tribe, begins with the community".

To surpass the security challenges and implement projects for the benefit of the common man, the scholar mentioned that people are the best resources for peace and  security. Suggesting that it is important to promote inter-ethnic and inter-group interaction.

"The overal goal objective is to increase local level social cohesion between the 7 divisions and 18 subdivisions of the NW. This can be achieved through activities that will be carried out; create commissions that will manage future conflicts at that the local level to avoid escalation".

"Adopt community approach through media that broadcast in multiple language; use community radios to discuss issues that are at stake (by doing this we change mentalities through sensitization on several issues), use the social media ,traditional authorities, civil status registrar who can sentize people who gather to witness people sign marriages".

"Religious authorities should emphasize the need for peace through the scriptures they preach. Divisional and subdivisional dialogue should hold if we dont feel achieved from the major national dialogue, we can decentralize to the local level. Talk to Chiefs, quater heads and civil society. Each division has its perculiarity depending on how the crisis evolves in each region".

Just like what Fru Jonathan of  Santa highlighted, "It is important for us to talk Peace and act peace"  By applying these local solutions, the Regional house will be doing a need accessement on the exact needs of the common man.

"Vigilante groups, is a tool used by Donga mantung. It has succeeded in Nkambe and can succeed elsewhere. Educate the community to be able to contribute in their own security".

"Traditional justice and reconciliation should focus on psycho social and spiritual dimensions- this approach should be inclusive as Fons too will have to embark on public cleansing and ensure that cultural festivals hold,  through this medium everyone in the community will be intergrated relationship will be strengthened", Dr Bamnjo Herman.

Socio economic recovery will adopt the community approach too by providing services; health, education and infrastructure.

"Football remains a unifying factor, football tournaments should be organized in all the 18 subdivisions. Through this football games, elites can contribute in buying footballs kits or giving a cash prize. This is also part of strengthening relationships between the elites and the people"

Once these Politicians and elite of the Northwest region work in synergy and engage in some of these activities which are also local remedies to finding peace, their actions will play on the psychology of the common man and confidence restored.

Pictures: Bassang Victory

By Ndefru Melanie

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