Crisis in Wum: Fulanis killed, Persons attacked, Street action

In the early hours of July 25th 2022, reports of four Fulanis kidnapped and killed in Wum went viral on social media, with other videos revealing some members of the Muslim community, who switched into action against Aghem natives.

Molesting, torturing and wounding a number of persons, who are under intensive care at the Wum district hospital, with one of the victims who succumbed to his wounds.

It is not clear what the immediate cause is, that led to the kidnap of the Fulanis but one is tempted to say, given the recent happenings in Wum subdivision, Menchum division-Northwest region Cameroon, the solutions to the farmer grazier conflict in that part of the country is far fetched.

The Anglophone crisis that has been on for 5 years and counting has not only jeopardized efforts to end the farmer grazier conflict, but has given rise to other minor conflicts that makes the situation even worse.

Videos and pictures of victims attacked have circulated online; men and women who sustained injuries from the attack, that pushed sons and daughters of Aghem land to take to the streets. More information from our sources say a soldier was beaten by irritate Fulani boys.

"....Muslims are moving around town seriously armed, please avoid the market square and total round about. The shooting was to scare non Muslim. The muslims have already launch an attack on zonghofe palace destroying property and injuring some individuals...", quotes from an individual on ground.

Despite the tension, the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum division and the Mayor of WUM council and other administrators cautioned the irate Aghems who gathered at the grandstand to cry out their grievances and later dispersed after these peace talks.

According to Divine, a reporter on ground says sons and daughters have complained about Fulani/Hausa assailants who are provoking and orchestrating acts of barbarism at court yard, a neighborhood in Kesughu.

...The Regent of Kesughu contacted on phone lashed out at the apparent laxity of the local administration, wondering why the perpetrators of these acts are still moving around freely.

Temporal calm is said to have returned at the time of this report as BIR elements dispersed the crowds and mediated for peace to reign.

Expecting that this may not be the last strawl that will break the Carmel's back, the situation in Wum is preoccupying the minds of Aghem elites both home and abroad.

No doubt, aghem-land is a host community to the muslims and it is most likely that this inter-tribal conflict may give birth to more pain and damage if immediate solutions are not applied.


Pictures; OJ Stephen

By Ndefru Melanie


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