Cameroon Youth Forum: Talented Youths take Central Stage at 14th Edition

Observed under the theme, “The impact of covid-19 on young people in Cameroon” holding from July 16th to 20th, the 14th edition forum creates and strengthen a generation of young people with strong ideas, driven by a spirit of excellence who through their integrity, commitment, will be drivers of change for a conquering and fulfilled Cameroonian nation. 

It holds every year, in any region of Cameroon chosen by young people. The forum encourages young people to participate in development, while paying tribute to Nelson Mandela, who embodies a model of integrity and a global benchmark for young people.

For this 14th edition, given the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Cameroon youth forum is organized from July 16 to 20, 2022 under the patronage of the Ministry of Youth affairs and Civic Education.

The Cameroon Youth Forum is a concept of Zenü Network, partner of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec). Zenü Network has embarked on a vast project, that of coaching Cameroonian youth through the Cameroon Youth Forum. 

It is a moment of meetings, exchanges and collective expression of Cameroonian youth, without any exclusion, on the themes that concern them. 

The forum allows young people to have added value: to strengthen their citizenship by participating in volunteering activities; develop their creativity; enhance their know-how and learn to live together; increase their analytical capacity; participate in the enhancement and protection of their culture; interact with companies and other structures that work on youth-related topics and if possible get holiday internships or jobs. 

However, for this 2022 edition, over 500 young people from various backgrounds came to attend.

The deputy mayor of the city of Kribi was thankful to government with their commitment to youth issues, while presenting a number of grievances that relates to support given to young people in kribi. 

"Be our legitimate ambassadors to the government". Addressing the young people who made her the godmother of this youth forum and pledging to advocate with public authorities for the best follow-up of young men and women for their empowerment, social and economic integration. 

Private sector actors were called upon to support the public authorities in the supervision of young people and concluded by inviting young people to dare.

Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, president of the national office of the Cameroon National Youth Forum, presented the various challenges facing young people and which constitute: "barriers to the realization of the wish of a fulfilled youth ready to contribute to the development of Cameroon". 

To her, the theme chosen for this forum is a strong signal, because it makes it possible to present young people as a force without which sustainable development cannot exist. 

"Develop new skills and abilities that will enable you contribute to development, it is for you at the end of this forum to be well rearmed", she concluded. 

The coordinator of Zenü Network, Flaubert Djateng, presented the organization, indicated that Zenü Network works so that acts of violence and incivility are considerably reduced in society.

This is why his organization works with secondary schools and in youth promotion centers. 

"The forum is a gathering place for young Cameroonians from the ten regions of Cameroon, young people should take ownership of the texts on decentralization in order to be able to derive great benefit from the opportunities it offers. The forum must be a framework that allows the expression of your individual and collective talents"  he concluded. 

Minister Mounouna Foutsou, pointed out the fact that it is time to reflect on the strategies to be implemented but also a time to assess what has already been done.

"You must equip yourself solidly with training institutions in order to be agents of economic and social change and participate in the development of the country”.

The Youth affairs Minister did not also fail to indicate that the government has implemented various support mechanisms: Three-Year Special-Youth Plan, the National Civic Education Program through Civic and Entrepreneurial Moral Rearmament, which allows them to better integrate into society by showing resilience. 

By Ndefru Melanie

By Ndefru Melanie

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