MINJEC: Building capacities of staff at ministry, for Competence, results

Heads of central and decentralized services, structures attached and under the supervision of the Minjec for Littoral, West, North-West and South-West regions, are on a working trip in the region. of the South-West from July 19 to 22.

Following his to the Southwest region, for the opening ceremony of the workshop to strengthen operational capacities of the managers of the central and decentralized services of the structures attached, under the supervision of the Minjec brought together staff of the Littoral, West, North-West and South-West regions.

According to Benga Zachée Robert Théophile, secretary general at MINJEC , the need to strengthen the capacities of MINJEC personnel is inline with the diversity of activities in the field.

Mentioning the objectives, the logical framework for implementation, and the participants integrating the National Youth Council of Cameroon, with more than 400 participants. 

According to the minister, the workshop is a way for his team to meet the challenges posed by the context and maintains that in the implementation of the missions devolved to the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, the implementation of innovative tools and means is essential in the face of a context marked by Covid-19 and security crises. 

The indicators justify the urgency of more effective action following the observation highlighting technical and operational shortcomings in the implementation of activities in the field. He therefore urged his collaborators to redouble their efforts for even more convincing results.

During the first plenary session which focused on the theme "the new strategic performance framework of the Minjec: challenges and perspectives", the concerns focused on the establishment of partnerships at the local level, the financing of youth projects in the framework of the Special Youth Three-Year Plan, materials and other equipment as well as the construction of multifunctional centers for the promotion of young people (CMPJ).

Supervisors were also urged to become family doctors for young people in order to oriented them, guide them in their quest for empowerment. Illustrating his point by making the biometric youth card available to young people, which constitutes a pack of major services necessary for the well-being of young people. 

For young people trained in the CMPJs, the minister indicated that “our target population is not the same as that of other administrations. We must identify them, mobilize them and rearm them for their development in society or in their communities”, Youth affairs Minister.

The second theme of the work in plenary focused on “the appropriation of Program 144: Civic Education and Volunteerism”. On this theme, the Deputy Director General of the National Civic Service for Participation in Development insisted on the missions of this structure whose motif is to fight against acts of incivility with a view to better civic participation of young Cameroonians. 

The Minister indicated that uncivil acts come from a lack of vigilance and recommended close supervision, in particular with community mediators and school police in schools. 

MINJEC  believes that the Front end planning or pre-project planning which is instituted within  establishments should contribute to mark reduction in uncivil acts.

By Ndefru Melanie

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