MINJEC presides end of Youth Training, Installation Workshop

Done on July 21, 2022, the youth affairs minister was present at the closing ceremony of the training workshop for young municipal councilors and also presided their official Installation in Tiko.

The Mayor of Tiko council, Chief Peter Ikome Mesoso accompanied the minister in his outing in a  ceremony which had several articulations.

The Delegate of Youth affairs and Civic Education of Tiko, Nelson Ekinde indicated that the process of setting up the Youth Municipal Council of Tiko is an initiative of the MINJEC which intends to involve young people in the management of local affairs. 

As such, he educated the young elected officials, 41 in total, to be willing to learn as volunteers from their peer councillors. The Mayor of the city proceeded to the individual presentation of the buttons symbolic of their entry into this function of Young Municipal Councillors. 

They immediately took the oath of commitment, where they undertake, among other things, to respect the law, to avoid any involvement in religious, political debates and many other obstacles that would prevent them from serving the municipality,

Nguetussi Lornarica Mbekam, was delighted with the choice of her peers, making her the President of this very first Bureau of the Young Municipal Council of Tiko, before inviting them to be models of young people who work for the development from their country. 

“I will start first by thanking the Minister, as well as the Mayor for the opportunity they are giving today. It's a great privilege for us to sit alongside the great masters to learn".

The Mayor meanwhile expressed satisfaction with the establishment of this very first Office of the Young Municipal Council. Regarding the supervision of these young people, he declared "I am here, the Mayor with the Municipal Councillors, we are going to accompany these Young Municipal Councilors with moral advice".

Minister Mounouna Foutsou in his speech expressed his satisfaction and congratulated the Mayor of the locality who according to him is the first local official to host such an initiative in the South West Region.

The clerk of the state agreed to confide in the media present: "it should first be recalled that the project to set up the Young Municipal Council is in line with the call of the Chief of the State to a more active participation of young people in decision-making".

The Minister closed this ceremony with the official presentation of the Action Plan. This is a document jointly established by the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education and the Town Hall of Tiko, that includes all the actions to be carried out during the term of office which is spread over one year.

By Ndefru Melanie

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