MINJEC: Night of Rearmament, Shunning fake news, acts of terrorism

On the night of July 21, 2022, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou chaired the night of Rearmament, Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial at the Police Training and Application Center in Mutengene, region of the South West.

The Night of Rearmament, Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial (Reprime) took place under the theme "Command, discipline as the foundation of Reprime". 

It was marked by the performance of a patriotic song conducted under the command of Samba Aloma Floribert, Head of service at the Minjec and also Reserve Officer.

This song is commonly taken up in Cameroon and symbolizes the attachment to Cameroon and the institutions of the Republic. This is "The Voice of the Nation".

Dr. Nith Pierre, Divisional Commissioner and Commander of the Police Training and Application Center (CIAP) of Mutengene, spoke to the participants on the above-mentioned theme. 

From his presentation, we retain the nature of command, the importance and the principles of command. Likewise, he summoned legal texts, in particular the penal code, establishing the command without which society would be a court of freedom where each agent would act as he pleased. 

As such, he insisted on the spread of false news (fake news), acts of terrorism, insult to races and religions and other acts of vandalism. He also recalled the penal provisions provided for this purpose.

With regard to civil servants and other state agents, the speaker recommended caution in the face of the pitfalls posed by social networks, the usurpation of functions and titles. 

He therefore spoke of aggravating circumstances. The participants were thus enlightened on the administrative errors caused within the framework of the management of human resources.

"I think that all the objectives we were pursuing have been achieved," said Minister Mounouna Foutsou. He also expressed his satisfaction with the success of this activity.

By Ndefru Melanie


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