MINJEC strengthen Staff capacities on REAMORCE

Officials from central and decentralized services, attached structures, under supervision and training, at the CIAP (Centre d'Instruction et d'Application of the Police) of Mutengene, began with physical exercises intended to condition the participants.

The performance that was judged, this is measured through indicators. The strategic framework had to be modified in view of the importance of certain activities, in particular national integration, which has become a national issue in view of the crises that exist in certain regions.

Set up in a context marked by the persistence of incivility in society, the resurgence of violence in schools or even security crises. Presenting the activities and tasks that constitute program 144; 5 million people will be reached in 2022. To assess performance, Mr. Abee indicates that a monitoring and evaluation is being done and a collection of field data.

Rayna Mathias, responsible for program 145, who is also Deputy Director for the Promotion of Youth Employment at the Minjec. We learn here that this program emanates from the reform of public finances which integrates, among other things, budgeting by programs launched since 2013.

Talking about the 5 actions that this program includes, Mathias Rayna indicates that with regard to action 5 entitled “Development of youth support structures", that the objective is to increase the territorial coverage of youth support structures.

Rahmatou Sadjo épse Moluh is in charge of the 146 program,  indicated the objective of this program is to reinforce the republican values ​​within the populations. 

It is the Director of General Affairs of MINJEC who makes this presentation. Firida Falaïna epse Hara explains that program 147, also called Support program, is functional. Moreover, underlines the DAG, the objective of this program is to improve the implementation of MINJEC programs.

Done under the theme of “Socio-economic integration of young people”. The presentation of the business plan development and generation platform is made by Mr. Nfon, Digital Service Center Project Manager. 

The platform makes it possible to manage the registration for the financing of a young person. A practical demonstration is made on how to generate a business plan from the said platform. 

Compared to the presentation of the National Youth Observatory of Cameroon (ONJ), the structure attached to MINJEC is a public platform for information and referencing of young people, betw6 15-35years, It works on youth issues in liaison with the administrations and organizations concerned. 

Pictures; Communication Unit, MINJEC 

By Ndefru Melanie


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