Youth Development: MINJEC NW retrospect on activities, appreciates, re-strategize for best output

MINJEC Family NW had their came together under the guise of a regional coordination meeting, to discuss their activities, strengths, weaknesses and also find best ways for a better work force.

It is interesting to know that the regional coordination meeting took place 5 years after the last one. Therefore, one will not over- emphasize on the paper work that had to be discussed, doing a retrospect on activities, the need for a change on the work policy in-house (MINJEC NW).

The 2 -day regional coordination meeting took place on October 13th and 14th 2022, which brought together staff across the Northwest region, not just to brainstorm but encourage team work and cordiality amongst satff. 

Che Elvis is a sub delegate in Bamenda I subdivision, he finds this very appropriate, calling it part of evaluation as an effective tool to realize great output in every workspace.

"With the public service, it is important that different services should organize serminars, workshop, conferences to educate their personel, evaluate their term of activities within their service. This is an opportunity to reawaken the spirit of work, set new objectives to tie with the present situation in the Northwest region".

"The Ministry has come up with activities and programs to empower youths, but the major challenge we have is the aspect of follow up because most young people are too mobile", Che Elvis, sub delegate MINJEC Bamenda I Mezam.

The Regional Delegate for MINJEC NW has recognized the efforts of some of its staff, calling on all to remain resilient, conscious despite the insecurity in the region. She terms their determination as laudable and applaudable.

The governor laid emphasis on the sensitization of youths; build capacities of the personel so that together impact can be felt. He explained that if youths are well sensitized they will be able to know their importance as described by the Head of State.

"As leaders of tomorrow, they need to know civic values; know what they have to do and when. We don't have some balance when we look at present issues at the moment but our prayer is that through the Regional Delegate of MINJEC NW, the training of personel will lead to the moral growth of the youths", representative of the Governor at MINJEC's Regional Coordination meeting.

Madam Odilia Fri at the helm of MINJEC NW affirms that alot of sensitization has been done already for youths across the Northwest region to register and benefit from the largesse of the Head of State. She reveals the number of youths already involved, but ask that more youths should get involved.

"We have a list of about 1000 youths between the ages of 15-35 years whoes names have been sent out, who will recieve financing between 2023 and 2025", MINJEC NW.

Laureates of the MINJEC Awards were revealed towards the end of the Regional Coordination meeting. Though they stood out amongst the rest, each one of them happy and grateful for the team work they had with their peers, which earned them the "red feather".

It is important for young people to render selfless services for community interest given the crisis situation in the Northwest region. They should participation in public life especially during public manifestations and refrain from clandestine activities that jeopardize the very essence of their youth.


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