Nukwi Ne Abubte Celebrations in Mankon: NW Elite, Sons and Daughters pay homage, celebrate legacy of Fo Angwafo III

People gathered at the opening of Nukwi celebrations on December 15th 2022 at the Mankon Palace plaza and lived moments of culture, watched rites and traditional display carried out by different groups from within the palace, while paying last respects to Fo Angwafo III who dissappeared on May 21st 2022.

Elite of the Northwest region have in their own way recounted their moments with Fo Angwafo III while his time on earth. To most of them he was a national figure who's ways should be copied. The missing Fon made great impact in the lives of many who now live to tell the story.

Minister Mbayu Felix, a Northwest Elite recounts how attached he was with Fo Angwafo III while he was alive.

"Before he became Fon, he was a friend to my father... I lost my father when I was quite young. There is alot more i knew about myself and my familly through him, especially in my many audiences with him. When he was alive and even towards his dying days. I have such fun memories of him. He is a national figure, it is somebody who believed in his principles and worked on them, he believed in unity and development, an example we should copy", Mbayu Felix, Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth.

Senator Mundi, a native and an elite of the Northwest region reflects on the cordial relationship she had with the missing Fon, Fo Angwafo III. Revealing that she had a special name the Fon called her and was welcomed each time she visited the Mankon Palace.

"I remember Fo Angwafo III as a nation builder. When we remember somebody, we do so by following in their footsteps. The Fon did not discriminate. I came to the palace anytime I wanted and I had this special name he will call me "wo'ndan" and I will answer each time he called. He was somebody who will always bring people together, a supporter of women and particularly encouraged women who moved on in politics and in other areas of life. I can testify to that because I saw the efforts he put in to see women in council set ups and how he collaborated to work with women",
Senator Mundi, a native of the North West, is a member of the political bureau of Mr Biya's Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM).

His successor, HRH Fru Asaah Angwafor IV believes that a task is only given to someone who can carry it, while calling on his people to collaborate with him to build a better Mankon.

"The task is given to somebody who is capable of handling it. It is not so difficult, it requires that the people should collaborate with their leader, to chat a way foward for a better Mankon", Fo Angwafo IV.

The event was covered in fanfare and colours, an observation that left other persons tell how the felt missing out on the "Adzag" months back, shortly after Fon Angwafo III got missing. Essoka Security as he is popular known, believed it was an occassion to contribute his mite to ensure that he was part of the event's success.

"I come from the Mankon Palace.. I didn't witness the 'Adzag', I only gathered inspiration such that If given any task to carry ahead of Nukwi celebrations, I should be able to execute it and have everyone happy about the results, like I did in the fabrication of the fabric", Nso Joseph Musongong, son of the soil and elite.

The Official Homage and Celebration of the missing Fon of Mankon, His Royal Highness Fo Angwafo III S.A.N named "Nukwi Ne Abubte" will span for a month -December 15th 2022 to January 15th 2023. The event will bring Sons and Daughters of Mankon within Cameroon and the diaspora, to remember a Fon who lead his people in all fairness for over 63years.

Mankon is one of the villages under Bamenda II sub divisions in Mezam division with 76 quarters, found in Bamenda Northwest region of Cameroon. 


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