Health: CBC Health Services presents brand new ED1000 for the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction

Director of health services, Prof Tih Pius Muffih and team at dedication

The Nkwen Baptist hospital has officially received and presented a machine called ED1000 for the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. The dedication was done on Friday 16th December 2022 at the Nkwen Baptist Hospital popularly referred to as Mbingo annex in Bamenda by the Director of health services Prof Tih Pius Muffih.

This machine uses Shockwave technology, was manufactured by Medispec, and came into the market in 2010. Medispec pioneered this technology. It is the first and only therapy that addresses the cause of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. 

The brand new ED1000 is for the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. ED1000 is a small device that delivers soundwaves called low intensity shockwaves
to the penis and stimulates receptor repair and development of new blood vessels to help regain strong erectile function.​​

How does the technology work?

A certain frequency of shock waves are focused onto the treatment area triggering the release of chemical messengers that promote blood vessel repair and new blood vessell receptors. 

Shockwave therapy is approved in over 20 countries,  the device was developed in Israel by Medispec, the innovators for this technology and who own several patents for its use.

Men with blood vessel problems (vascular dysfunction) will be the best candidates. 80% of all erectile dysfunction cases are related to blood vessel problems. 

ED-1000 is effective in most of these cases, even when other treatments were not successful. This includes those with damage from advancing age, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, long term smoking, long term alcohol use, certain medications, obesity and chronic inflammation.

Why choose the ED1000 over other ED treatments?

Patients with treatment responses to ED1000 do not need to use medications (pills or injections) to get an erection suitable for intercourse. This means you do not need to rely on medications, take them before sex, or have to deal with side effects and the expense of ED medications.

In addition, for men who cannot take some ED medications due to interactions with other drugs, this can be an excellent treatment choice.

How are treatments delivered and what is the schedule?

A small device that looks like an ultrasound probe is placed against the penis. You will have no discernible sensation during the treatment apart from the device contact.

Each treatment session is approximately 20 minutes long. The entire treatment protocol consists of several sessions, which are conducted over few weeks.

About Improvement

Clear improvement can be noticed within the first 6 sessions of treatment. Patients report that the high rate of satisfaction lasts for more than a year after completing the treatment course– without reliance on medications.

Generally, following the initial series of treatments, no additional treatments are required. However, the treatment can be repeated as often as necessary, since it is non-invasive, painless, and there are no side-effects.

Is shockwave therapy safe

Yes, the treatment is completely safe. It is non-invasive, and no medications are used. There are no reported side-effects during, immediately following the treatment. 

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