Local Administration: Wum Council votes 2023 budget, prioritizing local economic development, youth empowerment

The Councilors of the Wum Council met for what is commonly referred to as the budgetary session on December 15, 2022 and voted a budget worth 998million francs cfa, with focus on local economic development and youth empowerment.

The convocation of councilors was contained in the municipal order signed by the head of the municipal institution for a December session which is the third and last council session for the 2022 fiscal year.

The session was dedicated to the examination, scrutiny and adoption of the 2023 Wum council budget likewise other deliberations tabled before councilors for adoption.

Adopting a 2023 budget at 998,500,000 frs cfa had some priority projects earmarked.;

-Purchase of Artifacts for the Wum council museum

-Construction of a block of two classrooms at GS Nyio

-Construction of a block of two classrooms at GS Tsakendze

-Construction of a block of two classrooms at GS Kwen

-Supply of 180 benches, 6 tables and 6 chairs to GS Kwen, Tsakendze and Nyio

-Construction of a rest house and a restaurant

-Construction of 32 market sheds in the Wum main market

-Construction of a box culvert linking Tsakendze - Kefua in Kesu village

-Construction of an open space workshop for the manufacture of compressed earth bricks

-Construction of a bridge over river Moung to GS Nyio in Naikom

-Rehabilitation and extension of Bangwe water supply scheme

-Installation of solar street lights in some main streets in Wum Urban space

-Construction of a bridge over river Kebuen at Zongekwo oversidee

-Rehabilitation of 7Km road from GTHS Wum junction to Temkebuagha in Naikom

-Support to 3 Common Initiative Groups

-Supply of equipment to vulnerable persons

-Purchase of a power tiller for the council

-Reforestation of the Wum council forest

-Rehabilitation of the Wum town Hall

-Creation of a council farm for Poultry, Piggery Plantain and Fish pond

-Construction of a farm house, organization of a peace and Unity Tournament

-Support to persons living With disabilitye

-Opening of gutters from CPDM secretariat to Lake Nyos hotel

-Demarcation and matriculation of Wum council Lands, dump site and Cemetery

-Supply of farm tools to women groups and installation of solar lights in the Bu Health Center.

Mayor Dighambong Anthony called on councillors to be devoted "from the above, it depicts the impact we are going to create within our municipality, for the year 2023, but that also demands our concerted efforts and spirit of building together. I have confidence in all of you and I know for certain that we are going to make it big time on the realization of our projects and plan of action, come December 2023" the mayor said.

The council session also featured a cleanliness prize award. Three neighbourhoods evaluated for cleanliness received prizes: the first prize to Kesu 100,000, second to Waindo 50,000 and third to Zonghofu, 25, 000frs.

A delegation of Menchum Journalists Union recognized the Mayor, appreciating him for being proactive and results oriented.

Source: Infotrend

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