Northwest Regional Assembly briefs Media on 10th extraordinary session convened

The purpose of the press briefing convened was by the President of the Northwest Regional Assembly, was to ensure that the media get the right information and properly report  and cover the 10th extraodinary session to hold April 17th to April 20th 2023.

This session will be the first in 2023, that had to hold in March but now holds in April given the charged nature of the month of March. The session is 
dedicated for the administrative accounts, managements accounts and stores accounta of the Assembly for 2022.

During the ordinary session, there will be a presentation from Infrastructural Development Consultancy (IDC) on the Regional Development Plan; a comprehensive commentary and analysis on this plan by IDC, then validate and adopt thisthe plan of the Northwest Regional Assembly.

Secondly, by statutory nature, the March session is dedicated to Presentation of accounts, where in, we are going to examine and adopt the accounts of the North-West Regional Assembly for 2022 financial year in terms of performance.

During the extraodinary sessions the budget will be adjusted and there will be review of additional fundings from central government; one from  FEICOM to the tune of 1billion CFA francs for the 2023 budget and 2nd from Road Funder(under MINTP) to the tune of 1.5billion francs CFA partitioned in two phases. 

Journalists have pleaded with the Regional Assembly to be very practical in all their endeavours, so that the local masses will feel the prescence of the institution in the region through their activities. 

The Northwest Regional Assembly has nursed the desire to use the media to ventilate their activities, create awareness to champion social change and local development in communities. 


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