North West: Momo Elite celebrate Senator Enwe Francis

Culled from TheObserver237

Senator Enwe Francis Abi has been treated to a heroic welcome at both the Yaounde Conference Centre and the Parliamentarian hotel in Yaounde as close to 1000 sons and daughters of Momo extraction came to celebrate with him.

Shortly above 3pm, Saturday April 15th, a mammoth crowd could be spotted at the Yaounde Conference Centre chanting praises as Hon Enwe Francis alighted from his car to receive his attributes.

The population regarded Senator Enwe as a man who listens to their problems, a solution provider and someone who will work for the return of peace to Momo Division.

The crowd had many best wishes for the erstwhile Member of the National Assembly, describing him as grace to the division and the man who has always put his people at the center of all his activities.

To Minister Mbah Acha Rose, CPDM Team leader for Momo, the victory of the Enwe Francis and the CPDM last March 12 is an eloquent testimony of the fact that the party is, one of peace, development and unity.

She used the opportunity to call on the sons and daughters back home to rally behind the party for meaningful development of the Division.

Haven previously served for two terms at the National Assembly, Hon Enwe Francis makes a significant return to parliamentary business as a Senator.

Speaking at the event, Senator Enwe Francis said the presence of close to 1000 people "makes me feel that I'm highly indebted to serve them." Senator Enwe remarked.

In front of everyone, he kissed the accoutrement. He says it is a sign of authority, sign of service to the nation which he will die for.

Honourable Enwe Francis left the National Assembly in 2020 and the man known to rally his Division is back to scrutinize bills and control government action.


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