International Labour Day 2023: Few women, amongst 31 recipients awarded Labour Medals of Honour

Dominated by men in the list of recipients, 6 women stand out amongst 31 names earmarked for Labour Medals of Honour on the occassion of Labour Day celebrations in Bamenda, 2023.

Celebrated on May 1st 2023 this year under the theme; "Resilience and Descent work: Acting together in the world of work to improve living conditions and social inclusion", several institutions within the city of Bamenda mobilized themselves for the march past excercise to commemorate the day.

Mary Gorretti Ambuh recieved a labour medal in Gold, Bingum Lucy, Irene Miyanyui, Caroline Foven, Bernadette Nchinda and Stella Tizi, a of different carreer backgrounds recieved a labour medal in silver gilt.

Amongst this women, Bingum Lucy told Civiclens that she is very happy for this recognition from the state, as a Head of service for University coorperation and working for over 18years. She recieved a bronze medal after working for 10years of services and in 2023 she recieved a labour medal of Silver and Silver gilt.

"It hasn't been a bed if roses but we thank God for such a day. I am grateful to God and thankful to the state for this "red feather". It doesn't come without challenges but we keep trusting God for the best".

Amongst other recipients, over 6 workers of MIDENO Northwest; Nde Emmanuel, Bawe Ernest, Nfor Francis were some of the few workers civiclens could reach out to.

Technical Director of the Northwest Development Authourity, MIDENO working for more than 21 years in different capacities.

"Glory to God for this good gift, I thank the management of MIDENO for recognizing the work I have done so far, working for over 21 years in different capacities", Mr Nde Emmanuel.

Women face several challenges within a workplace, yet they have been encouraged to take their place and be in the spotlight; in plotics, economy to showcase their talent and stand out different in the discharge of their duties.


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