Coping strategies as Political class embezzles, squanders

"When politicians and church leaders work with the owners of capital, they conquer political space they dictate the style. Cameroonian workers must use their numbers and organizational skills to reconstruct and control the political narratives making it relevant in the context of the conflict for the good of the country and it's citizens, the workers", Afuh Stephen.

President of PEATTU, Presbyterian Education Authority Teachers Union, Afuh Stephen has applauded the efforts of development stakeholders in the Northwest region who in every way are making efforts, giving peace a chance yet frowned at the fact that some leaders, politicians are in position of power to continue looting, enslaving their people in despondency.

He called on workers to join forces, with government and do the needful to work in resilience for better living conditions and social inclusion, ass the quest of good governance and sustainable development cannot be attained without collective efforts.

Outlining several social ills and pleaded with government to handle issues on employment opportunities, low wages, poor administration and social protection cover, violate rights of persons at some work places.

The significance of descent work and resilience to development as highlighted in this year's theme of Labour Day celebrations is undescored by its inclusion as part of one of UN's sustainable; Goal number 8. Talking about the growth of workers of those in formal and informal sector.

"We are living the realities and experiences that instead of the political class to engage in issues of physical security, social security, decent wages, unemployment, poverty eradication and corruption, they are rather engaged in elections and positioning, negelcting the already very high-level of insecurity that is gaining ground ans still continue to threaten" Afuh Stephen, speaking on the occassion of Labour Day celebrations in Bamenda 2023.

NW Governor mentions the need to fight against child labour, implementing the minimum wage rate to promote better working conditions for workers across all sectors. He appreciates efforts of labour medal reciepients in their distinction, encouraging them to serve within best practices.

A special appeal has been made to the Regional Assembly who has the latitude to pilot development in the Northwest region, within the context of the Special Status, citing that projects like the Wum Area Development Authourity can be revisited, the Santa Coffee estate can be revamp if the house liase efforts with the Santa Council and Northwest cooperative association to give employment to citizens idling.


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