Anye Nde Nsoh, Journalist killed in Bamenda

"... he lay down on the ground, we thought he took cover, but when everyone got up after the gunshots, he didn't move...", eyewitness reports.

In Bamenda - Northwest region of Cameroon, 27 year old Journalist Anye Nde Nsoh lose his life in the course of his side hussle, animating in a snack bar at the Natrinkon neighborhood in Mankon -Bamenda. 

Shot by unknown assailants who stormed the snack at about 9pm on Sunday May 7th 2023, has left many youths speechless as to whether he was targeted or died from a stray bullet.

The news of Anye Nde Nsoh's death hit the Northwest Media landscape, as he is the 2nd Journalist to be shot dead and his demise comes 3 days after World Press Freedom Day. 

The National President of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists,  Viban Jude has in a Press Release condemned the killing of Anye Nde Nsoh and has called for investigations to be opened, to bring the assassins to book. 

The President of the National Executive Bureau of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, Marion Obam has requested that pepetrators be sought, tried and punished without delay. 

Anye Nde Nsoh worked with the private media, was Bureau Chief for the Advocate Newspaper, reporter for the Observer237,, Dream FM and City FM and was known to multitask in different fields in order to make ends meet. 

Elvis Ndi, promoter of the Observer237 recounts moments with the deceased via phone with

"Never have I seen a young man who is so focused, unassuming and ready to deliver at such short notice. Anye will take to corrections, respect assignments and datelines".

"He was a humble, nice young man who always smiles no matter what, proposes ideas for the development of the organization and was fun to be with. Sociable, fine animator, brilliant dancer". 

"He  helped propelled The Observer to what it is today and two days before this unfortunate incident, he had rolled out plans for the future of the organization".

Born on July 23rd 1996, Anye departs after his mom and dad, leaves behind an 11month old daughter and love ones to mourn him. 



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