At The Herald Tribune Excellence Award: Divine Ade Muma awarded for Landmark reforms, NtaCCUL maintains distinct position

Central Africa's most leading Microfinance institution, Ntarinkon Coopeetaive Credit Union Limitted has once again had another red feather to the quality of services and privilwdhes offered at the union.

The institution and it's GM bag home The Herald Tribune Excellence award. Ade Muma Divine has been singled out amongst his peers as the best "Pilot"Cameroon’s in management affairs as far as NtaCCUL concerned.

The GM has showcased great managerial skills in transforming the credit union. His technical know how has put NtaCCUL most recognized in the whole CEMAC subregion. Their policies has caused them to count over 90,000 members at the moment with juicy offers like the 6% interest on savings. 

The Marketing Manager Takuhli Maurice says the union plans to go digital to suit the present day context as well as support the community in venturing in agriculture.

“We are doing all to get everybody into the banking sector especially the youth. The world is going digital and as they are versed with electronic devices, so too we want to make it easy whereby union members can save and withdraw at the comfort of their homes", quoted culled from the observer 237.

NtaCCUL has envisaged to tighten security at the level of all its branches all over the country to ensure the safety of members' wealth, interconnect all branches to ease transaction of members. Recently over 30 youths have been employed with accounting and digital skills to serve members of the union effectively.

To ensure sustainable development and growth of communities, The Union will be giving out micro loans to aid farmers invest in agriculture which is the backbone of Cameroon’s economy and will help in boosting the economy, better the lives of Cameroonians.

Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union was created in 1972 as a Savings/Njangi group by some 15 honest members in Ntarinkon quarter of Mankon. Today Ntarinkon Credit Union that started with one branch office is having 14 branch offices, two extension offices at Bamenda Up-station and Ndobo, several collection centers spread all over Cameroon and the world at large 

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