Chadian Delegation arrives festival ground

Organized from June 24 to July 02, 2023 in Yagoua, Massa sons and daughters from neighboring Chad have come together to showcase finesse in their culture. To witness it's grandeur, the Chadian Delegation joins in fanfare by their brothers in Cameroon. 

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education of Cameroon, President of the Council of Elders of Tokna Massana were present to welcome the delegation from Chad, accompanied by the Prefect of the Department of Mayo Danay Jean-Lazare Ndongo Ndongo and other government officials.

Crossing of the Logone River, Massa people of Chad and Cameroon become one in the grand festival. As part of activities to welcome the Chad Delegation, there was a race of canoes, not just that but different race with different distances in metres.

"The canoe race, the exhibition of this excercise showcase the coming together of a people coming from two different coast areas. It is also an instrument of survival in the sense that by the canoe one does fishing, can go and cultivate crops in island areas, and the canoe is like the horse, or even like the car for the Massa people at the moment".


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