Humanitarian Recognition: Reach Out Cameroon stands out at NewsWatch 10th anniversary

CEO Reach Out Cameroon, Omam Esther recieves an award for being outstanding in her activities across Cameroon, consistent in supporting women, girls and children affected by the armed conflict situation in the North West and South West regions.

The organization bags home an award for being the Best Humanitarian Organization for the year during the NewsWatch's 10th anniversary celebrated at Djeuga Palace, on August 19th 2023 in Yaounde.

Omam Esther, Reach Out Cameroon has appreciated management of the NewsWatch newspaper for this milestone and remarked that the award only reminds her of how much she has done and what is she still has left to do. 
"This crisis with many lives lost to it, so much destruction, pain and suffering has made us rethink our positions from development practitioners that we were to humanitarians and Peace Mediators".

"In armed conflict, women and children are the first victims. The award is a reminder that we all have to work hard during crisis periods to support everyone who is afflicted to regain their rights. It reminds us of the need for collective efforts, inclusive dialogue... ", Omam Esther. 

The NewsWatch newspaper celebrating is 10th anniversary in Yaounde, has through an award ceremony recognized the role of women and frontline leaders who are making efforts, contributions to achieve sustainable peace in the crisis stricken regions; Northwest and Southwest regions. 

Esther Omam donates hospital equipment to Muea Hospital in celebration of her birthday.

Reach Out Cameroon futures as a laureate being one of those humanitarian organizations that is making great impact at the grassroots level thoughtout Cameroon, not just in areas affected by the crisis.

Economic empowerment of Women and girls 

Community Health Outreach 

Omam Esther is building peace, piece by piece and she is not relenting her efforts, as each time she finds means to add value to what she is doing by creating more avenues for women, girls and children to get the help that they need. 

Celebrating World Humanitarian Day 2023, under the theme "No matter what", Omam Esther has dedicated her award to all actors in humanitarian response, especially women at the forefront of life saving actions, apostles of peace, community peace champions working hard to deliver humanitarian aid, Carry out advocacy actions at their risk and peril.

"Many humanitarians have lost their lives in the course of trying to save others. This award is a reminder that we can still recognize the efforts and values of humanity in some people who are creating an impact. There is commitment, determination, courage amidst fear", Omam Esther.

Staff of Reach Out Cameroon were not left out, recognizing the support from it's funders, donors, partners which earned an award for Reach Out Cameroon in Yaounde. Omam Esther did not forget victims of war, refugees, internally displaced persons whom she serves, dedicating the award to them. 

Pictures: Communication Unit, Reach Out Cameroon 


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