Civic awakening through sports activities, combatting tribalism/disinformation

At University of Yaoundé 1, the closing of the “Citizen and Patriotic School Holidays-2023” and the launch of the “Citizen and Patriotic School and University Returns 2023-2024” operation was a response strategy to fight the vice of tribalism, disinformation. 

A simple sports gathering that resonates a hymn to national cohesion and the civic awakening of young Cameroonians.

The Local Youth Corner Cameroon association, through football exhibition matches, brought together athletes, sports professionals, and even internally displaced people for the sporting activity as a way to promote social cohesion.

And also to remind people that through sport, it is possible to sow the seeds of peace, tolerance and living together. The match, with its mixed teams, perfectly embodies this message. Men and women play side by side, symbolizing the aspect of unity. 

The academic year is faced with the proliferation of hate speech, tribalism, and fake news. Despite awareness-raising efforts, social networks continue to relay these toxic messages. 

MINJEC, with its online awareness campaigns, is fighting to stem this wave. The “e-volunteer patriots of social networks” initiative embodies this digital resistance.

UNFPA and youth engagement
“We believe in youth,” proclaims UNFPA, firmly supporting initiatives that advocate peace and social cohesion. For them, sport is not just a game, but a powerful means of bringing young people from diverse backgrounds together.

The presence of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou underlines the importance of this event as he was warmly welcomed by the university authorities, who share his vision of a united Cameroonian youth aware of their civic responsibilities

A representative from the NGO Local Youth Corner Cameroon, recalled that the initiative is not limited to a game. It is a real open dialogue, a celebration of social cohesion. Through sport, young people from all over the country discover each other, share, and strengthen their bonds.

This activity was in a way an embodiment of hope for a united Cameroon, where each citizen plays their role in building a solid and harmonious nation. 

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