An insight on how Africa can become the hub of global development

After an uncompromising assessment of Africa and Africans, this book takes us on a guided tour of the African miracle on the horizon for 2047, through a robust personal development plan for the new African, while specifying how to make Africa the hub of global development.

The author argues that the fourth-generation university, which relies on digital technology, is both a lever and an opportunity for the development of this Africa, and calls upon the African global network in its great synergy.

The noblest mission of Fourth Generation University is to teach the art of living together to citizens of the world in the era of digitization/globalization tranversal of learning through the remarkable revolutionary tool that is: the INTERNET.

CivicLens delivers the news as it is and provides solutions for common workflows, engage citizens in up to date Information, while maintaining a secure system of record for assets and activities, improving service delivery, and increasing citizen satisfaction.

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