MINDEVEL in Bamenda: Minister lays foundation stone for the construction of Regional Assembly, Regional Lodge

The Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam was on a working visit to the North West Region on Tuesday, 17/10/2023 to lay the foundation stone of the Regional Assembly headquarters and Regional lodge projects.

The Minister was closely accompanied by the Representative of State - Northwest Governor, President of the Regional Assembly/REC and the General Manager of FEICOM to visit the construction sites. But before the field visit, the Minister made several remarks upon his arrival in Bamenda. 

"I noticed that here In the North West they are already working with all the divisions and they are doing marvellous things, so I want to congratulate the President of the Regional Assembly and congratulate the Governor who is by the side of the Regional Assembly. Now that we are here launching the first dawn of the building that is going to host the Regional Assembly it's just to show that the Region is there, the Region is existing and the Region is functioning", Minister Georges Elanga Obam.

"I think the Region is well installed, it's functioning well and it's delivering local development. I want all of us to assist the Regional Assembly, to let the Population of the North West enjoy what we call local development", Minister Georges Elanga Obam, Minister of Decentralization and Local Development.

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Laying the foundation stone of the Regional House of Assembly and the Regional Lodge was key on the Minister's agenda. A structure of 7 floors, with a basement at the upper floor. The engineer explains that the building has 9 levels.

"This structure is Seven floors. When I say seven floors I mean the upper floor we have an underground which is the basement, we have the ground floor and then seven floors untop of it which means we have in all nine levels. It would be on a surface area of about 3050 meters square, which is one of the Biggest building in North West Region", Engineer on site, Nwancha Roger

The Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development is in charge of drafting, monitoring, implementing and assessing Government policy on decentralisation and promoting local development. 

The Minister mentioned that during his journey into the Region "The roads are gradually taking shape, the population is as friendly as always and there's a gradual and steady recovery to normalcy. The North West Region will regain its status as the lovely Region it has been".

He visited GBHS Bamendakwe and the Regional Hospital as part of his working visit to the North West Region.

"For the Regional Assembly to effectively implement it's Regional development plan there is need for the mobilization of both financial and quality human resources. In this regard I'll like to indicate that the organizational chart of the Regional Assembly will be approved in the Days ahead", MINDEVEL.

With indepth report from Bamenjo Petronilla

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