CONSUPE Reviews the 2023 Financial Year


"Hello Madam Minister.
Answer :
Good morning

Madam Minister, we have come to the end of an exercise. What can we take into account for the 2023 financial year at CONSUPE?

Answer :
Before answering your question, I would first like to thank you for the opportunity you give me to communicate on the activities of CONSUPE.

To return to your question, it is important to note that the Higher State Control Services, the Higher Institution for Control of Public Finances of Cameroon, in accordance with its organic text, carry out three main types of Actions: Actions of Audit, Repressive or Sanction Actions against unscrupulous managers and Actions to Prevent Attacks on Public Assets.

The CONSUPE assessment can therefore only be made on the basis of these three types of Actions.
Concerning, first of all, Audit Actions, there was talk, during 2023, of increasing the number of control missions. As such, CONSUPE carried out around 22 control and verification missions in total.

In more detail, at the level of Public Administrations, we carried out 07 audit missions, at the level of Companies and Establishments in the Public and Parapublic Sector, we also carried out 07, at the level of Decentralized Territorial Communities, 02 audit missions were carried out and at the level of so-called specific organizations, 06 audit missions were carried out.

In addition to these, it should be noted that around fifteen cross-checking missions were also carried out. Allow me to also remind you that we have around 5 Missions currently being deployed.

Regarding Repressive or Sanction Actions against unscrupulous managers, during the year 2023, the Budgetary and Financial Disciplinary Council (CDBF) received and processed one hundred and two (102) letters during the year. fiscal year 2023.

The CDBF received three (03) referral files, one from the Presidency of the Republic and two others from the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development (MINDDEVEL. The processing of the files previously received led to the translation of eight (08) Implicated before the Council.

For the 2023 financial year, the Budgetary and Financial Disciplinary Council examined one hundred and sixty-four (164) cases during thirty-one (31) sessions held, including twenty-two (22) ordinary and nine (9 ) special pre-deliberations.

The holding of the thirty-one (31) sessions allowed the Council to pronounce a total of twenty-eight (28) decisions, four (04) of which acquitted and twenty-three (23) imposed various Sanctions for a total amount of damage, amounting to thirteen billion six hundred and ninety-five million one hundred and twenty-four thousand seven hundred and twenty-three (13,695,124,723) FCFA, of which thirteen billion six hundred and seventy-two million twenty-four thousand seven hundred and twenty-three (13,672. 024,723) FCFA of debt and twenty-three million one hundred thousand (23,100,000 FCFA of special fine.

During the month of August 2023, I dispatched five (05) mission teams to the Central, Eastern, Far North, Littoral and South-West Regions, with the mandate of collecting elements of information relating to the execution of sanctions previously pronounced by the CDBF, against unscrupulous managers.

It appears from the said work that the level of recovery of financial sanctions imposed for the benefit of the entities concerned amounts to more than seven hundred million FCFA recovered out of more than one hundred and fourteen billion FCFA, i.e. a recovery rate of 0.66%.

As for the Prevention of Attacks on Public Assets, we have always chosen prevention through training. And in this vein, 06 training courses were organized. SODECOTON, the Autonomous Port of Douala, FEICOM, the Mayors of the North-West, the Service Inspectors of the Ministries and the Cameroon Baccalaureate Office, were all trained. A total of 380 Internal Auditors and Credit Authorizers trained by CONSUPE.

This is what the Higher State Control Services produced in terms of balance sheet, during the 2023 financial year.

Thank you Madam Minister for taking part in this exercise".

This was in an interview with CRTV


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