Belo Council Session: Councilors adopt Administrative and Management Accounts

Belo Councilors have adopted administrative and management accounts on March 26, 2024. Mayor Ngong Innocent has appreciated councilors for representing the council despite the challenges in the given context.

The Administrative, Management and Stores’ Keepers Accounts, according to the Mayor has witnessed a slide increase as against that of the 2022 financial year thanks to the relative peace that is now reigning in Belo.

The Mayor confirms that Belo is regaining peace and calm at good pace, reason why out of the 34 villages that make up the entire municipality, 32 villages have benefited from Council projects since the beginning of his mandate.

"The more than 500 businesses that had existed and animated the economic welfare of the Municipality that were shutdown because of the Socio-Political crisis are now being rapidly revamped as you can noticed with the opening of some businesses at the Belo 3 Corners. I therefore call on all business persons to come back to Belo 3 Corners and open up their shops", Mayor Ngong Innocent.

The community now owns a radio, through which the people will be communicated about development activities of the council.

"Another milestone achievement for us this year is the opening of the Belo Radio thanks to the financial contributions of more than 300 persons. This has greatly facilitated communication between the populations and hierarchy", he added.

The existence of the Belo Football club is another area in which great achievements have been made, aimed at nursing young football talents in the municipality that can virtually be exported to other parts of the country and why not beyond.

"Civil status documents issued from Belo Council are free of charge and this will be articulated in the deliberations, I will call on you to adopt during this session", Mayor of Belo Council.

Under the supervision and scrutini of the proterm chair person, Tubuo Toh, chairman of the finance committee, the draft accounts were presented.

The account stands in Revenue and Expenditure stands as follows:
Recccurent Revenue:386,431,450
InvestmemtRevenue: 296,500,000
Total: 682,931,450 and as for
Reccurent Expenditure: 359,431,450
InvestmentExpenditure: 323,500,000 with a Total of 682,931,450.

The councillors (28) with others on proxy authorized the following deliberations.

-Deliberation adopting the administrative account.

-Deliberation adopting the management account

-Deliberation adopting the stores’ keeper account

-Deliberation bearing on the issuance of civil status documents (births, death and marriage certificates).

The mayor stressed that following government's drive to provide this civil status document for free, a right which he underscored goes far-off to strengthen the UN enshrined sustainable development goals,SDG for the right to education which is inevitable for a community like Belo to stay indifferent to the times.

He further highlighted a recent report by the office of the Piblic Independent Conciliator indexing some councils for malpractices.

Though Belo Council was not on the top of these practices he says its a drive to remain better and provide quality services.

On the sides of the event the Council dished out farm inputs to some 13 farming groups and sanitary equipments to the 5 health centers (Belo,Djichami,Mehjang,Njinikejem,and Tumuku) that make up Belo Health area.

The mayor was further applauded for exceptional leadership and services. He was judged worthy by councilors and offered a trophy and a medal.

For his part the D.O of Belo challenged the councilors to be peace ambassadors, shunning all forms of disunity which he states are deterrents to meaningful development.

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