National Day 2024: MINJEC envisages a moment of Unity, Patriotism

May 20 is approaching, to celebrate the 52nd edition of the National Day and the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC), under the leadership of Minister Mounouna Foutsou, plans that the moment be that of national communion and exaltation of civic values.

He chaired a meeting at MINJEC on Friday 05 April 2024, in the presence of the various administrative partners and stakeholders of the organization. The objective: “ to take a retrospective look at the celebration of the Youth Day and lay the first milestones for the civil demonstrations of the 52nd edition of the National Day ,” the minister underlined.

Welcoming “the particular enthusiasm of the Cameroonian populations during the various official events”, Mounouna Foutsou also congratulated the actors who contributed to the “exceptional success of the 58th edition of the youth festival” . Building on this successful experience, MINJEC intends to work hard to offer Cameroonians a memorable National Day.

In a pre-electoral context and in the face of a tense international situation, MINJEC has chosen to place the celebrations under the seal of the values of unity and national cohesion. “It will be a question of placing an emphasis on commitment and civic communion ,” explained Mounouna Foutsou.

On the program: traditional activities such as the official launch in a chosen location, the torchlight procession and of course the civil parade as the highlight. But also new initiatives such as the organization of unity and national integration camps throughout the territory or even local and national crossroads for living together.

PRONEC-REAMORCE, MINJEC's flagship program aimed at strengthening the moral and civic rearmament of young people, will also occupy a central place. Training will be provided to educators and an economic patriotism awareness campaign will be conducted.

The highlight of the festivities, the civil parade will be the subject of special attention from the MINJEC. “ All steps must be correct ,” insisted Mounouna Foutsou, recalling to this effect the very high directives of the Presidency regarding respecting the allotted time (45 minutes maximum) and controlling staff numbers and quality.

To guarantee a top-notch performance, intensive rehearsals are scheduled, with a major dress rehearsal scheduled for May 17. Only those who have taken part will be authorized to set foot on the tarmac on D-Day. The MINJEC thus intends to offer Cameroonians a spectacle worthy of this great moment of national pride.

Day by day, the countdown has begun. And there is no doubt that with MINJEC at the helm, this 52nd National Day will be a milestone, brilliantly sealing the unwavering attachment of an entire people to the values of unity, peace and progress which are the foundation of the Cameroonian nation.

Communication Unit, MINJEC 


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