CPDM Anniversary: Mounouna Foutsou tells Militants in Mayo Danay to rally behind President Paul Biya

The CPDM celebrates its anniversary every March 24, this time around it was it's 39th anniversary. Few months away from election year and Mounouna Foutsou is mobilizing militants for President Paul Biya.

Mayo Danay is known to be the stronghold, loyal to the ruling party CPDM. Ahead of this 39th anniversary of the party, Mounouna Foutsou had already being holding political talks, exchanges to ensure that all goes well come 2025.

The objective was to remobilize the troops one year before the major electoral meeting of 2025. A bet largely successful given the enthusiasm and fervor of the activists, who came in mass reaffirm their unwavering attachment to the RDPC and its leader Paul Biya.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou called on his militants of Mayo Danay to remain serene, vigilant and mobilized behind President Paul Biya.

Despite multiple turbulences, the party has stood the test of time and according to militants of Mayo Danay, it was an occasion to walk in solidarity behind the Head of State, demonstrating their loyalty.

“The contract of trust between President Paul Biya and us is sacred and cannot suffer from any betrayal ,” he insisted".

The minister did not mince his words, castigating “wolves in sheep's clothing” and other “traitors” who would like to break the “contract of trust” between Paul Biya and his people.

A very clear warning to potential “peepholes”. An offensive and unifying speech, aimed at consolidating the status of Mayo Danay as an impregnable bastion of the RDPC.

Paul Biya, “the natural candidate” for Mayo Danay in 2025
Unsurprisingly, CPDM activists reiterated their “total and unconditional support” for President Paul Biya, calling on him to run for office in 2025 to “complete the work started”.

For them, the head of state remains “the natural candidate” of Mayo Danay and more broadly of Cameroon to lead the country “towards emergence” .

A posture which reflects the immense capital of sympathy and trust enjoyed by Paul Biya in this region, the fruit of the action of local barons like Mounouna Foutsou who skillfully maintain the militant flame. There is no doubt that in 2025, Mayo Danay will once again respond to offer a large victory to the outgoing president, thus allowing him to extend his lease in Etoudi.

If the electoral battle of 2025 is still far away, the RDPC demonstrated on the occasion of its 39th anniversary that it remained one step ahead of a scattered opposition. And this is thanks to effective lieutenants like Mounouna Foutsou, who keep the RDPC house in battle order for future deadlines.

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