Covid-19: "Our African tradition cannot be killed by the coming of Covid-19" Dr Ngepah Julius

Doctor Ngepah Julius, has told nurses and persons who cared to recieve lessons on Covid-19,that the disease can be treated and there is a possibility to view Covid-19 corpses before burial, emphasising that the African tradition of famillies paying last respects to the deceased, cannot die now with the coming of the Coronavirus disease.

It is very possible to view corpses and follow proper procedure before burial, he explained.

 " these corpses can be sprayed with chemical and sealed in a glass while in the coffin, famillies can view because it has been sealed. The Government can issue a law that coffins should not be opened, but there is no need for a mad rush to do burials" Doctor Ngepah Julius explained.

He was speaking on Saturday July 4th at the St. Martin's hospital, Mile 3 Nkwen, to nurses and people who had need for more lessons on the Covid-19 disease. He added that he is out to save lifes, and has frowned at the fact that many still believe that the disease is a myth and do not take preventive measures seriously.

Dr Ngepah Julius Director of Savana Natural clinic, a jurist before the common law court, a jurist of English law and a professional organic pharmacist, has done research on organic medicine, has pointed out some risk factors, despite preventive measures put in place by Government, that exposed many people in contracting the Coronavirus disease.

The negligence of keeping face masks clean, where to put them before or during meals, especially in public places, the washing of hands at public taps or buckets and the situation of sanitation arround these areas.

Reverend Stella Ekokole, Incharge of the St Martin's Catholic centre behind farmer's house mile 3 Nkwen, received Dr Ngepah Julius to dish out lessons on Covid-19, the treatment and ways of prevention because she is convinced through testimonies given, that Doctor's "herb recipe" had treated many who had been sick of the virus.

"He called names of persons who have benefitted from this, when I called those persons, I was happily surprised and more than 30people have benefited from his treatment, who had the virus,took his treatment and they are well" Rev. Stella, St.Martin.

" Even if no one acknowledges, I know it is not the first time he is discovering treatment to a disease, it is part of his system because he deals with natural products, natural grass or fruits arround us which he blends and saves life's" she added.

His products for treatment has been designed to suit diabetic patients, except for pregnant women. He adds that " the product can be consumed with honey, but for those allergic to honey can consume without it".

"It is safer to go for treatment, because healthy carriers are more at risk than those who have the visible syntoms of the virus. Even if your Covid test proves negative, still go for treatment, that is the best advice" Doctor Ngepah said.

He also went ahead to carry out same sensitization talks at St. John's parish Nkwen, talking about the products he produces which treats Covid-19, and act as a good form of prevention for those who have been tested and their test results have proven negative.

" 2 cases of old women, above 70years, known by the Reverend Father, have been sick of the virus.They consumed these products, Covid forth, and we're well again, on the 3rd day" Doctor Ngepah Julius Confirmed.

His initiative is welcomed by the Catholic Church, as he followed procedure by passing through the Bishop, and gained authorization to supply to the Catholic churches and health units, where patients and other persons can have accesses to.

Doc's number:677794355

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