Bamenda 2 Council, korea signs MOU; Prioritize Needs of Local Population

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 Council has welcomed the initiative of their Korean Partners, through a memorandum of understanding, inline with Council projects and the desire to meet up with the sustainable development goals of the Council.

The MOU was signed on Saturday July 11th at Bamenda 2 Council, after Council management had cemented talks with their Korean partners.

Representing the Mayor of Bamenda 2 Council, Chenwi Peter was his 1st Deputy, Angwafor Louis, with a battery of domain heads within Council management to follow up on development projects, recieved the initiative of their partners.

Njoko Frida as 2nd Deputy in her welcome address expressed delight about the MOU that will aim at improving the lifes of the local population.

A representative of the Korean team introduced the projects to the Mayor of the Bamenda 2 Council and mentioned that planification meetings have held to discuss some of the projects suitable for the Bamenda 2 municipality.

" We work with local councils, work with the Government of Cemac region countries and have partnership with local councils."

"These are modern technology which South Korea makes available to local councils in Africa and these projects stand the test of time".

Amongst the 7 Projects Mentioned, the Mayor advised the council was interested in water and energy, and also advised their Korean partners to have the zeal to meet up in the aspirations of the local population.

"Most part of the population get their water from 4 main sources;
Camwater, community water which are boreholes and springs,which is still not enough" Mayor said.

"Irregular provision of energy because the load is too much for one coorperation and with the
break down of activities that cannot enjoy economic boom, it is Important to meet up with the immediate sufferings of the people" He added.

"These projects are out to empower the local communities and upgrade their living standard" The Mayor observed.

He remarked that following are sustainable development goals and this offer is inline with these goals, "the projects fall inline with the CDP, the council development plan and the council will not be making and error to engage in this partnership." The Mayor added.

Being at the heart of the City, the realization of this MOU is of utmost importance, the need for the projects to come to fruition and meet up with the demands of the growing population, because according to the Mayor " the average living percentage is below standard".

He there requested their Korean partners to add an extra clause in sub contracting the operation in the management of this project and cost reduction.

In the days ahead, the council management will choose the projects and partners will come from Korea to execute, which is the source of funding.

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  1. Thanks newsupfront.we hope to work together for the best of our audience.thanks

  2. Thanks newsupfront.we hope to work together for the best of our audience.thanks

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