Kumba Masaacre: Mayor Of Garoua Condoles with Bereaved Families

Mayor of Garoua City, Ousmaïla Mohamadou

"The town of Garoua, like all towns in Cameroon, Mourns with famillies in Kumba who lost their children on October 24th through a tragic incident, in their quest for education " The mayor of the city of Garoua, Ousmaïla Mohamadou issues a communiqué denouncing such barbaric acts and writes to the City Mayor of Kumba, Gregory Mewanu, joining them in mourning.

"I hereby come to you, Mr. Mayor, to the relatives of the hard-hit victims, and to the populations of your city my deep condolences, as well as those of the populations of the city Garoua bruised and speechless in front of such a tragedy", Writes Mayor Ousmaïla Mohamadou, Mayor of Garoua City.

He expresses the wish to see Kumba recover immediately from this tragedy and even from the very security crisis which shakes the regions of the North-West and South-West. In order to " regain its former radiance ".

Wishes of condolence through writings poured out, which will certainly remain a remarkable trace for the famillies and the city of Kumba, which was concentrated on national mourning day, observed on October 31, 2020.

Mayor Ousmaïla Mohamadou plans to pay a condolence visit to Kumba in order to better “wipe away the tears” of the sister populations of this city which lost its former warmth for a week. While waiting for the divine reaction which he implores for his brothers victims of the secessionist crisis underway for four years.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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