Andek Council: Councilors Asked to Return Home and Play Major Role In Development

Mayor Ubangoh-Helly

The Mayor of Andek Council has made a clarion call, asking all Councilors of his municipality to brave the odds, return home and play their part in the development of Ngie Subdivision.

"Several activities have taken place in Andek municipality, yet not up to 3 Councilors have showed up for any. They were voted into office to have the interest of the local population at heart and staying out of the municipality will only make things worst and there will be no development" Mayor, Andek Council.

Councilors in Session

According to the Mayor, the Councilors should take the risk to be present on the ground in order to achieve success "rather to have accepted to be voted by the people". In order to achieve this, the Mayor has cut down all unnecessary expenditure and directed all efforts in making life return to Ngie-Andek.

He was speaking during an administrative and management account session, asking every councilor to do everything in their power to encourage those who have moved out of Ngie, to return home given the "juicy" projects that are already ongoing.

It was revealed that most Councilors from Andek had not visited home since their election into office and this remark is made at a time when the Andek Council has launched an agressive campaign asking civil servants working in Ngie to return, or have their salaries and allowances slashed.

Activities like; sensitization on tendering priority projects, support to vulnerable persons, sensitization on the PPRD plan, Covid19 tour, collective marriages have held in Andek yet Councilors are not able to answer present.

The Mayor told Councilors of more progress made in Andek municipality; cleaning of the markets, installation of an internet network, solar energy bro give electricity and opening up some roads. Yet no Councilor was arround or had visited to appreciate the little that has been done.

He reminded them that "we are already 1year into office and took over in the middle of the crisis when the council was deserted and engulfed by a thick forest", and when there is no collaboration, work is slow. "The council is the poorest and rarely recieve grants from the government.

To him, the committee president on the field should show competence in monitoring council activities, as the council has already realized over 10 projects for 2021. Mentioning that "concretizing the Scanwater project in some bad spots in Andek has been postponed twice, because the contractors complain of insecurity."

Over 5 BIP projects have been realized, 5 LIFIDEP projects are ongoing, with special funding from MINEPAT in a 3 phase electrification project, lobbied by Minister Mbah Acha Rose still ongoing, though with complains from Contractors about security threats in Acha.

Not forgetting the over 1 billion project on the recruitment of nurses and paramedical personel and the management of house hold waste. A project that need the attention of Councilors, to convince sons and daughters of Andek to return home and take up the job with good salary.

Andek Mayor Speaking to Press

Mayor Ubangoh urged Councilors to read the 2019 law on decentralization that labelled powers on the development of the municipality to the council not to the Divisional officers. To him many were still ignorant of the law and are minimizing the council to treat with the Divisional Officer.

"Many may not benefit form the reconstruction plan because many still minimize the council, to treat with the Divisional Officers, who are not responsible for its execution" Mayor, Andek Council.

Deliberations have been made to improve the living standards of the people in Andek and some files concerning the Presidential Reconstruction Plan had already been submitted, to hasten steps of development to commence in Andek.

Revenue stood at 428,747,040 cfa francs and Expenditure at 409, 838,465 cfa francs, as many areas in Andek are not easy to access given some hindrances reported by persons who've delved into the said areas.

By Ndefru Mélanie

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