Bleak Progress, Despite Reports of 100% Execution of Projects

The Chairperson of the 2021 first quarter of the Divisional Technical Sub Committee meeting, has wondered why the economic situation of some subdivisions are still constant, despite reports about a 100% execution of different projects, awarded and officially received.

"How come everyday one would hear reports of a 100% execution of some projects, yet nothing is changing? It appears we are standing on one spot, there is alot to be done and we must work as a team". Chairperson, Agho Oliver.

Agho Oliver, MP for Bafut/Tubah Constituency who chaired the meeting to evaluate the Physical and financial execution of PIB projects in Mezam Division, asked why things were not seeming different despite the efforts, in an era when the challenge of Insecurity cannot be overemphasized.

Evaluation of uncompleted projects between 2017-2019 were revisited as per discussions amongst the participants- stakeholders, concerned with the implementation of projects and it was revealed that most contractors had received money to engage in the execution of the project, but later took off due to the situation of insecurity.

It was observed that majority of the contractors who engaged in projects, don't do follow up on the job they engaged in, even when they stopped due to the challenges faced on the field.

The technical Committee evaluated 2020 PIB Projects at the level of Ministry and
presented the Contractualisation of 2021 PIB Project. The level of execution of some 2021 PIB Projects were discussed and it was recommended that it is only through collective efforts that project implementation could record a success in communities.

Reccomendations as per October 4th 2020 were outline to construct better strategies to ameliorate project implementation.
General difficulties and reccomendations revealed that the aspect of awarding contracts and coordinating reception of Projects has been taken from State property to MINDHU.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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